November 2012

 Pen Parentis celebrates the conclusion of its eighth season of monthly downtown literary salons with an Authorfest on December 11th. Notable newcomer Robin Black joins Triburbia author Karl Taro Greenfeld and Pen Parentis alumni, NYTimes bestselling author Amy Sohn and NYTimes and LATimes Notable Book author Joshua Henkin to present readings of their new works

While the subject of the family has often been approached within art and portraiture in ways that either emphasize its traditional nature or attempt to counteract this tradition with challenges to its conservative reputation, the emphasis of the exhibition "Family Portrait" is on the manner in which the family’s image has been constructed and maintained over time, and how this might influence the shaping of the political and social spheres of everyday life.

This favorite Christmas season drama will be brought vividly to life in a stage adaptation of Frank Capra's classic film of sacrifice and redemption in small town America. December 5th through December 30th.

Two of America’s leading progressives will engage in a freewheeling conversation on December 2nd. Tony Kushner (Angels in America; Caroline, or Change; the upcoming Steven Spielberg film Lincoln) and Rachel Maddow (host of The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC and author of Drift: The Unmooring of American Military Power) will mark the rededication of The Public Theater, The Public Forum by presenting a special series of "Duet" conversations.

Artists find inspiration in lots of different places. Chelsea sculptor Melissa Stern takes her inspiration from smart phones and Sigmund Freud. "The Talking Cure” takes its name from Freud’s original description of psychoanalysis. The art show, through December 20, consists of twelve Stern sculptures, each with an interactive audio track created by a literary collaborator.

Jon Fosse’s "A Summer Day" is an enigmatic play, weighty, with repetitive dialogue and portentous glances. It is like a live Bergman film, a grim Scandinavian drama with mysterious overtones written to be purposely vague. Fortunately, Mr. Fosse, a Norwegian, has been translated and directed by Sarah Cameron Sunde and acted by six talented actors, led by Karen Allen making a remarkable return to the New York stage.

What’s that I hear? The spooky sounds of Ghosts… Goblins… & Ghouls! Though hurricane Sandy may have delayed the festivities, Halloween will still be enjoyed! On Saturday, November 17th head over the Children’s Museum of the Arts and pick up your New York University & Community Board 2 Children’s Halloween Parade treat bag filled with goodies. Each child will receive one treat bag, while supplies last.

By most accounts, deforestation in tropical rainforests adds more carbon dioxide to the atmosphere than the sum total of cars and trucks on the world’s roads. According to the World Carfree Network (WCN), cars and trucks account for about 14 percent of global carbon emissions, while most analysts attribute upwards of 15 percent to deforestation.

 This morning as I walked to my favorite coffee shop for breakfast, I noticed that no one was smiling. My neighborhood, Hell's Kitchen, was saved from the ravages of the hurricane. Apart for some strong wind and heavy rain, we were untouched by a disaster that devastated millions of lives.

Klughaus Gallery is proud to present "Keys To The City," a solo exhibition featuring recent works by Jurne. Striking a delicate balance between contemporary abstract design, calligraphy and traditional graffiti letterform, Jurne’s artwork is a seamless combination of timeless and modern. “Keys To The City” will showcase the acclaimed graffiti writer Jurne’s transition from large-scale exterior work to fine art. 

Speak about a cause you believe in on November 21st. Join a revolution of intelligent passionate people doing real things to make this world a better place. Be part of a process to express your ideas, poems, and insights about the current social issues of the day

The Small Potatoes Animation Factory Tour is a family-friendly guided tour of Little Airplane's state-of-the-art animation studio which brings fans face-to-face with the main characters of the company’s newest animated television hit, "Small Potatoes." The Small Potatoes Animation Factory Tour provides a close up, insider’s look at how the series is made. Every aspect of production, from writing to animation to voice-over recording, is explained by the creative team at Little Airplane.