Pocket Utopia is pleased to present its first solo exhibition of photographs by Kris Graves on June 14th. For the past three years, Graves has focused his camera directly on Iceland and its isolation and independence. Iceland is alone in a cold sea, sparsely populated; its volcanic visage is harsh and unrelenting. Discovering, via one (mostly) drivable road, and finding what's missing from the known story, Graves shows us his Iceland.

"Paul Thek and His Circle in the 1950s," for the first time, examines the iconic American artist as a young man, placing him within a group of friends and lovers that provided an adoring audience and creative influence for his earliest works. The exhibition, through July 7th, will cover the period of this artist's work from 1954 to 1964, presenting a rare insight into the world of Paul Thek, not previously explored in any other major exhibition of his work.

NOT OVER: 25 Years of Visual AIDS looks back at the history of Visual AIDS and contemporary AIDS politics, to create a glimpse into a quarter century of the disease, art and activism. The exhibition is at La MaMa La Galleria through June 30th.

The texts and images on the back of Tibetan art objects reveal clues to their meaning, function, and historical context. For the first time ever both sides of a select group of scroll paintings (thangkas), sculptures, and initiation cards will be explored in detail. Chosen for the beauty, exceptional content, and complexity of their backs, these works of art dating from the 13th to the 19th century will be on exhibit through August 12th

Donald Weber’s "Interrogations," on view through May 24th, sets out to uncover a hidden meaning behind the bloody 20th century, as displayed through a singular encounter with State power. From 2005-2012, Donald Weber traveled through Russia and the Ukraine, photographing and recording the physical and emotional geography of a devastated nation.

The Conference is dedicated to the exploration of Untapped Capital. It will focus on four areas where Untapped Capital can be found and put to productive use: Ad Hoc Strategies, Waste, Play, and Youth. Each topic will be discussed, questioned, and analyzed by a moderated panel of experts and innovators. The Conference commences on May 1st with a keynote address by Joi Ito.

"Wilder Mann," an exhibition of color photographs by Charles Fréger will be on  Between 2010 and 2011, Charles Fréger traveled to eighteen European countries, from Italy to Poland, Scotland to the Czech Republic, in search of the Wild Man. A centuries-old, legendary figure, the Wild Man continues to be an important symbol of transition associated with festivals that mark the cyclical patterns of life: the changing of the seasons, special religious holidays, rites of passage, life and death. 

In this body of work, on view through May 4th, McDonough leaves behind his main stomping grounds, the streets of New York City, and sets out on the road, traveling throughout the United States during the summer months of the 1970s and early 80s.

As DeMaio’s inaugural solo exhibition at Sacred Gallery, I Walk The Line features over 20 monochromatic paintings and drawings, marking a departure from his former vibrant pop culture-filled canvases. By restricting his color choice to black, white and silver, DeMaio focuses on the strength of his line and detail in the worlds he creates. Using sources from anatomical drawings in Grey’s Anatomy to studies of ice cream cones, DeMaio fills these realistic figures with playful, swirling and surreal objects from skulls to clowns and crosses.

The Drawing Center presents Giosetta Fioroni:L’Argento, the artist’s first solo exhibition in North America. Featuring over seventy drawings, thirty paintings, ten illustrated books, three films, and related ephemera, Giosetta Fioroni: L’Argento will not only expand our understanding of post-World War II Italian art but also enable a crucial reinvestigation of the Pop aesthetic more generally. The presentation will extend through all three of The Drawing Center’s exhibition spaces, and is curated by Claire Gilman, Curator. Opening reception Thursday, April 4th.

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