There may be eight million stories in the Naked City, but there are also nearly three million dwelling places, ranging from Park Avenue palaces to Dickensian

Head to McNally Jackson January 10th, 2014 for an evening with George Saunders, author of Tenth of December, and Ben Stiller, star of the new film The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, based on the 1939 short story of the same name by James Thurber. Saunders and Stiller will discuss comedy, satire, and the hope—or lack thereof—underlying their work. Film clips, readings and conversation will be followed by an audience Q&A.

How long is the shadow of a battle, an explosion, a revolution? Whatstories arise in the wake of devastation? The latest issue of Granta explores the aftermath and legacy of conflict in fiction, poetry, and reportage. To launch it, join writer and historian Patrick French, on how the heroism of his great-uncle in World War I left behind a "saturating cult of remembrance," and novelist and critic Hari Kunzru, on the sinister lure of disaster tourism.

Halloween is soon approaching and thus it is the season of the supernatural. Explore your inner divine with The Daemon Tarot: the Forbidden Wisdom of the Infernal Dictionary (Sterling Ethos, November 2013). Author Ariana Osborne has reinterpreted the classic text Le Dictionnaire Infernal (Infernal Dictionary) for today’s audience, creating a simplified system to identify the unique strengths and specialties of the daemons.

The season at the Poets House opens Thursday, September 26 with an extraordinary evening of readings and reflections from Rosmarie Waldrop, award-winning innovator in poetry, translation, and publishing for over 50 years.

Billy Crystal signs copies of his hilarious and heartfelt observations on aging as he turns 65, and looks back at a remarkable career. Still Foolin' 'Em: Where I've Been, Where I'm Going, and Where the Hell Are My Keys? on Wednesday, September 11th.

Co-authors and best friends Siobhan Vivian and Jenny Han will be celebrating the release of Fire With Fire, the hotly anticipated follow-up to their best-selling title, Burn For Burn on August 16th at McNally Jackson.  They’re taking a page from The Newlywed Game to quiz our authors on just how well they know each other (Who would Siobhan want to play her in a movie? What dead author would Jenny reincarnate?) and rewarding attendees for their great taste in YA lit with prizes, refreshments, and life-long author crushes on this hilarious and talented duo of writers.

On June 25th, listen as journalist Ellin Stein reveals the inside story of the comedy revolution sparked by the National Lampoon, taking us behind the scenes to show the personal stories that went into creating a new, hilarious and outrageous comedy landscape.

John Davis, recently retired from Army Intelligence, provides us with the conundrum of America in the current world of terrorism and hidden wars. How do we maintain our freedoms as we change and adapt to the new realities of engagement? While he gives us some answers, he describes the choices that we must make through analogies that clearly make the decision much easier. 

Join MOCA for a conversation with Scott Seligman, author of the new book The First Chinese American: The Remarkable Life of Wong Chin Foo, on June 13th. The Chinese in America endured abuse and discrimination in the late 19th century, but they had a leader and a fighter in Wong Chin Foo, whose story is a forgotten chapter in the struggle for equal rights in America. The first to use the term “Chinese American ” – it was the name he gave to New York’s first Chinese-language newspaper – Wong defended his compatriots against malicious scapegoating and urged them to become Americanized to win their rights.

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