The 32nd annual “Greenwich Village Antiquarian Book Fair” brings the nation's finest book and print dealers to New York City.   “GVABF” will celebrate at P.S. 3 in the West Village. "The Hippie School" (as it’s alternative education pioneers fondly nicknamed it in 1971) sponsors this event yearly to raise funds for the school's inspired enrichment programs.

As part of our “Art of Intelligence” series we have been collecting poems, prose, art and more from former and current intelligence officers. The following poem is written by John W. Davis, an Intelligence Officer with the US Army.

“The New York City Spelling Bee -- a new, adults-only spelling bee offering erudite fun to all -- is a glamorous offshoot of the Williamsburg Spelling Bee, which has scintillated Brooklyn since 2004. Co-hosts bobbyblue and Jennifer Dziura have now brought the logophilia to the great isle of Manhattan.

Check out famed photographers Christopher Makos, author of LADY WARHOL, and Paul Solberg, author of BLOOM signing their books at Clic Gallery Wednesday night at 6:30 PM. LADY WARHOL is the eagerly awaited collection of Makos' portraits of his longtime collaborator Andy Warhol in drag. BLOOM is Paul Solberg's radical fluorescent closeups of flowers. Both books are a fresh, provocative look at well-known images. As their art world alter egos THE HILTON BROTHERS, their work is the subject of Clic's current show ANDY DANDY, which pairs Makos' black and white photographs of Warhol in 1981 wearing a wig, lipstick, and come-hither stare alongside Solberg's ultramodern color-drenched roses and tulips.

The McManus Democratic Midtown Association will be honoring Charlton D’souza at a reception for his book entitled Phantom Students at 321 West 44th Street, Second Floor from 6pm to 8pm on Thursday, April 15, 2010.  Several students who were the victims of a college scholarship scam were chronicled in the book Phantom Students by author Charlton D’souza which exposed mismanagement within the Community Leadership Program at Marymount Manhattan College. Many well performing students lost their scholarships through no fault of their own and are still unable to get their official transcripts since the program closed down in 2004.


I am a huge Bowie fan. I have been listening to and reading about, and going to see Bowie live since I was 13 years old. I thought I had read everything written about him; thought I knew all the facts of his more than interesting life. I’ve been proven wrong in the best possible way...


Poetry has had its shining moments in the swing of cultural trends, though lately a quality slam seems few and far between. So where should you go when you need a dose of narcotic wordplay?  You’d go to the Bowery Poetry Club silly! (duh!) Every Tuesday the Club presents the Urbana Poetry Slam featuring a prolific new poet. Tonight watch Sarah Morgan kill it...

New Yorkers often preach about maintaining the fabric of our City, yet complain about the noise. Gamal Hennessy’s Seize the Night reminds us of the importance of responsible NYC nightlife and how essential it is to our community. It’s an industry that by its nature gets a bad rap but is fundamental to our city both socially and fiscally.   The preview party for it is this Thursday at Happy Ending Lounge. There will be an open bar courtesy of Absolut Vodka from 7:00- 8:00 pm. Considering the shindig is to celebrate a book about nightlife we’re betting that it’s going to be a blast. Plus did you read the part about an open bar?!

The New York City Museum of Complaint is a collection of 132 letters addressed to the Mayor between 1751 and 1969, making a range of complaints on topics such as swindles and corruption to bad luck and broken hearts. Celebrated essayist Philip Lopate will read selected text.

“The IBNYC is an alliance of independent booksellers working together to promote the cultural, literary and economic benefits of shopping at the city's diverse collection of bookstores. We are united in our goal to keep indie bookstores thriving and raise awareness of the vital contributions that these local businesses make to New York City's rich tradition as a center of publishing and bookselling.”

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