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Because intelligent, thought provoking children's films at the other festival are wonderful indeed. But sometimes Mommy and Daddy need to hire a sitter and get their freak on.

The NYICFF is seemingly intuitive with the films it chooses.  They understand what is uplifting, what is fun, and what is enhancing. 

This is cram weekend for procrastinating film buffs. The Oscars will air in less than 48 hours and chances are pretty good that you—like the rest of us—have not seen every film nominated for a major award. Instead of trying to get the last seat for a screening of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, we'd like to recommend Waltz With Bashir, Israel's submission for Best Foreign Language Film.

As part of its World Cinema Showcase series, the Museum of the Moving Image presents “Exiled.”  Directed in 2006 by Johnny To, it is one of the best action films to come out of Hong Kong in years.

Yes, of course you've already seen it. But have you seen it in a room full of drunks? Okay, but have you seen it in a room full of drunks who were encouraged to sing along with the timeless songs? All right, then.

New Yorkers have always looked back nostalgically to a time when the city was better/safer/more dangerous/more exciting/cheaper/friendlier/sexier, etc. This is especially true for Times Square; we tend to resent the tourist-friendly mecca for its crowds and sanitized, mainstream ways.

Little Honey


Lucinda Williams
Lost Highway

Anna Paquin as Sookie Stackhouse.

So you think Alan Ball (Six Feet Under) and HBO have made vampires cool again? Wrong. They may have brought it to your attention but it’s the eight great books by author Charlaine Harris that’s really brought vampires back and
made us all want to be one…again. It’s the continuing saga of the adorable Sookie Stackhouse, with her ‘disability’ (she can read minds), her merry band of Southern-fried friends and family, of course, vampires.

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