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Speak about a cause you believe in on November 21st. Join a revolution of intelligent passionate people doing real things to make this world a better place. Be part of a process to express your ideas, poems, and insights about the current social issues of the day

Join the fight against hydrofracking! Stand alongside Manhattan Borough President Scott M. Stringer, Scarlett Johansson, Sean Lennon, Josh Fox, Yuka Honda of Cibo Matto, and the Artists Against Fracking for a special screening of “Gasland.” Proceeds will benefit the Water Defense International WOW Company.  Thursday, October 18th, at 7pm.

"Digital Dilemmas," running through October 21st, shines the  spotlight on a modern American family totally addicted to computers, iPads, iPhones, Androids and gaming consoles, just when they receive a visit from their eloquent and witty grandmother, who insists her smartphone is the dumbest thing she ever owned and prefers to remain in the analog age.  As the confrontation heightens, she dares them to a challenge that any touchscreen age family might never recover from – going without their beloved devices for one full day. Let the withdrawal pains begin! 

Exploring the surreal, bizarre, and outrageous comedy that lies in dealing with death and healing, WILD WITH HAPPY, opening on October 9th, follows the journey of a young man named Gil who plans to scatter his mother’s ashes in the place where she was the most happy. 

"Big Movies For Little Kids" has introduced over 250 classic films to kids and adults alike.  Join them on Sunday, September 16th for a repeat screening of a selection of films received in their second annual open call to all New York City students on Governor’s Island!

Opening on August 31st, Tony Award nominee Kathleen Chalfant (Angels in America, Wit) stars in this dramatic exploration of the resilience of the human spirit that . A box of old letters and a father's dying wish lead Michael Kiriakos to dig up the buried memories of his hidden family history. After meeting Rose, his father's now elderly, Armenian pen pal, Michael slowly learns of a past he never knew existed; one of exile, sacrifice and, ultimately, redemption.

A creature feature written for the stage, GIANT KILLER SLUGS is complete with a small town sheriff trying to leave his troubles behind, an unscrupulous mayor in cahoots with the crooked local Business Corporation, a pack of city slicker kids who know the truth no one wants to believe, and of course, killer slugs that keep getting bigger! Can these predatory pests be stopped before the whole town is lost to their merciless mucous?

A timely story about compromising moral values for the sake of getting rich quick. A Cuban man keeps his promise to bring a friend’s son to the United States. After the young immigrant gets a real taste of hard labor, he decides to accept a job offer as a director of a medical clinic conscious of the job’s dubious nature. He begins to enjoy the benefits of quick earned cash, but his world is turned upside down when he is arrested by the FBI accusing him of Medicaid fraud. Probation: Repertorio Espanol presents the New York premiere of Yoshvani Medina's "Probation" at Gramercy Arts Theater.

In Black Milk, Lyovchik and Poppet, a small-time crook and his heavily pregnant, chain-smoking, lollipop-sucking wife, descend on a post-Communist wasteland, swindling villagers out of their savings. The young couple sits stranded in a remote train station and as the night persists, the strange, cruel, and whimsical world of their homeland teaches them a lesson. It will have its New York premiere off-broadway this summer from July 19th – August 4th.

With “It’s Magic: Nine Decades of Songs from Warner Bros.,” the 92Y Lyrics & Lyricists closed its 2011-2012 season in great form. Guided by a dapper and knowledgeable Rex Reed, this was one of the most satisfying of the series. Joining Reed were Christine Andreas, Polly Bergen, Jason Graae, Sue Raney and Tom Wopat, all experienced and polished singing actors.

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