"I never know what I'm capable of doing before I do it." These words, spoken by Oscar-winning actor Juliette Binoche (Caché, The English Patient, Blue), capture the intrepid spirit—indeed the daring—behind In-I, an intensely visceral dance-theater work conceived, directed, and performed by Binoche and the adventurous British choreographer Akram Khan (Steve Reich @ 70, 2006 Next Wave Festival). Together, these charismatic artists arrive at something entirely new, as an actor dances and a dancer acts. 

Shakespeare’s timeless hit Romeo and Juliet will be performed by the Hip to Hip Theater Company in various parks across Queens.   Bring the kids and help them understand why Shakespeare is so revered (something I doubt their middle school teacher will convey).  This only lasts through August 23rd.  Hurry up.
Romeo & Juliet

Chashama is a performance and visual arts company that aims to support the creative spirit of emerging New York artists by giving them the space and opportunities to allow their energies to flourish. 

As the song says, "Even old New York was once New Amsterdam." Just think of what the States might be like today if more of our ancestors had been Dutch traders rather than Puritans, a.k.a the people that even the British thought were too uptight to be real. One can only speculate, but I bet we'd have a lot less people in prison for selling pot. Just sayin'.

NY400 is a celebration of the friendship that has existed between our city and the Netherlands over the years, and one of the many featured acts is Nederlands Dans Theater II, famous for being one of the more revolutionary ensembles in the world of modern dance.

Robbi K is a renowned children’s musician who has performed with the likes of Mary J. Blige, Chaka Kahn and Aretha Franklin. 
 With her husband, South African bassist Bakithi Kumalo, they will present a show of storytelling in multiple languages and singing that will move children and adults alike.  For an added bonus, their performance is interactive getting the young-ins to sing, clap and giggle with joy.  Your kids will beam. 

Dancer and choreographer Naomi Goldberg Haas opened the company Dances for a Variable Populationin 2005 to prove that movement and dance wasn’t solely for the young and fit. 

Id is a theater group that truly believes in nurturing talent, including actors and writers.  Unlike other result driven companies, id doesn’t focus on producing full-length plays.  It truly gives its participants room to take risks and explore.  By focusing on the process, the plays that are presented are truly high quality.  Id has been around since 1997 and given hundreds an artistic outlet.  It is a wonderful group and deserves to be supported.

Third Rail Projects is at it again, continuing their mission to rescue dance from the twin devils of classical stagnation and academic obscurantism by bringing it to the streets—or in this case, the World Financial Center. Every workday lunch hour this month they will put on a new performance, finding new ways to creratively act out the hidden, interpersonal undercurrents of our daily routines.

After a 5-year world tour Mabou Mines DollHouse will return to St. Ann’s Warehouse to “transform [Henrik] Ibsen's bourgeois tragedy into high comedy with a deep bite.” 

Those who work at the World Financial Center are in for a treat. All month long Zach Morris and Tom Pearson of Third Rail Projects will be presenting a new dance performance every workday during the lunch hour. The 5-10 minute performances will showcase the ordinary yet overlooked “undercurrents” of interpersonal “exchange”.

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