New Yorkers, come together and join New York City’s charitable, social and fashion communities for its annual Housing Works “Fashion for Action” event. Supported by hundreds of the fashion industry’s most influential designers, the event is an exclusive designer discount sale featuring a curated collection of sought after luxury brands. Proceeds from this charity event will support Housing Works’ youth outreach programming, which provides dedicated HIV-prevention and treatment services for young people living with HIV/AIDS or at-risk of infection.

On July 17th, Housing Works Soho Shop will be transformed into an art gallery with a special opening featuring donated pieces from artist friends including Jemima Kirke (Girls), Scooter LaForge and Mel Odom as well as a curated collection donated from generous New Yorkers own collections, volunteers and staff.

Kiteya SoHo is  hosting JUNGWON's pop-up store until Saturday, March 29, when there will be a sample sale of the designer's innovative outerwear designs. 

The artistry of the performers and filmmakers will live on to enrich our lives for decades to come. The jewelry will be returned to their Fifth and Madison Avenue shops...and the gowns? Who knows. On some level this opulent display is a gift to us... the rapt, admiring audience. Taken another way, it is an irresponsible, narcissistic diversion from the confounding issues of life on Earth.

Shanghai Glamour explores how Shanghai women and their fashionable dress epitomized the seduction and mystery of this legendary city as it was modernizing in the early 20th century.  The exhibition, on view through September 29th, features 12 exquisite outfits from 1910s to 1940s on loan from the China National Silk Museum in Hangzhou – on view for the first time in the United States – and three dresses from prominent private New York collections.

Kickoff Fashion Week 2013 with “The Amazing New York Scavenger Hunt." Part scavenger hunt, part obstacle course, a series of clues will lead you around the city performing physical and mental challenges along the way. September 1st.

A Queer History of Fashion: From the Closet to the Catwalk seeks to explore the “gayness” or “queerness” of fashion by drawing attention to the historic presence of gay men, lesbians, bisexuals, transgender, and other “queer” people in the fashion system. The exhibition, on view beginning September 13th, also looks at the creativity and resistance to oppression expressed by LGBTQ subcultural styles.

One of Linda's mantras over the years has been 'Get on with it...!' Sometimes frustrating, other times motivating, it brings context to this final exhibit at The Art of Beauty by Linda Mason. Next Tuesday, July 23rd, from 5pm to 8pm, support 'Moving On' and celebrate Linda as she moves on to continue her contribution to the fusion of makeup and art in the 21 Century.

Learn about the Garment District factories on Saturday, August 11th while you engage with the "Urban Fabric" exhibition. Activities will explore factory designs, original functions, production methods, and current uses. Kids will get to be architects and builders of their own factories and organize the production of their own product!

Veronica Brett will be having their first pop-up shop at Margaret Thatcher Projects on June 16th from 1 to 4 p.m.  The new collection of luxury swimwear is fashioned especially for breast cancer survivors and women who have had risk-reducing mastectomies.  Proceeds will benefit Young Survival Coalition.

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