The Homosexuals are one of those bands that musical know-it-alls speak of with veneration and—if the know-it-all is of a certain age—a truly annoying "you just had to be there" kind of smugness. Why is that the case?

Does doom and gloom have your head spinning?  Channel it this Thursday at Lounge in the Bowery.  DJ Francesco Civetta (formerly known as Izzy Gold) will take good care of you.  Not to mention the locos…. 

Tanglewood is the summer home to the Boston Symphony Orchestra and this winter a trio of its best musicians will bring its sounds to 92YTribeca.  The performers are cellist Owen Young, violinist Lucia Lin, and pianist Sergey Schepkin.  Along with their idyllic Tanglewood inspired sounds they will broaden minds with open discussions.  Plus there is wine and cheese.

Le Poisson Rouge continues to host fruitful meetings of the minds with this collaboration between modern classical group ACME (American Contemporary Music Ensemble) and Craig Wedren, the strangely angel-voiced former singer of Shudder to Think.

Andrew W.K. made his name a few years back with his debut album I Get Wet, an album with some of the most ridiculously over the top party anthems of all time. His mix of of heavy metal's power with dance music's singularity of purpose proved to be infectious, fun, and perfectly emblematic of his belief that people worried about being the right kind of cool miss a lot of opportunities to have fun.

Tekserve is hosting the third in their series of panel discussions on the future of music and the music industry.

Mike Doughty first came to public attention as the leader of Soul Coughing, a combo that made spastic, weird, sample-heavy rock you could dance to. Doughty’s lyrics were free-ranging; sometimes they were heart-breaking, other times they served only as a means of having fun with sound. They were one of the 90’s great alternative hopes but they got crowded out by the Creeds of the world and broke up in 2000.

Normally, Jam Bands make us cringe here at the SoHo Journal. The length of the songs, the bad dancing, the patchouli. No thanks. Therefore, jam bands comprised of young white dudes earnestly trying to play traditional African music should make us cringe really, reallyhard. Like, “Ow, the muscles in my neck are starting to hurt” hard.

Elysian Fields is one of those bands that got snapped up in the mid 90’s major label feeding frenzy, then quickly got dropped once their record failed to sell millions. They’ve been doing just fine on independent labels since then, their smoky, moody blend of alt-rock maturing at it’s own pace and discretion all the while. Fans of Lori Carson, Cowboy Junkies, and Jeff Buckley should take note, especially since it looks like this night at The Stone will be the only local show this NYC band will play all winter. It’s sensuous stuff, so bring your sweetie.

Little Honey


Lucinda Williams
Lost Highway

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