"[Les Bandits] appreciatively listen to each other and have a striking serenity. Intelligent, and a valentine to the music and era, joy radiates and the musicianship is as marvelous to drink in as to watch being played: struck, strummed, bowed, etc. Whatever they play and sing—Oscar Brown, Jr.’s “Forbidden Fruit,” a couple from The Beatles’ White album (“Rocky Raccoon,” “Blackbird”) and “These Boots Are Made for Walkin’” (in French!!), their original “Uke Song,” French poetry, sweet innocence or knowing sophistication—it’s all smartly done, fresh, winsome, and unaffected. Fantastique." 


Jeff, who's sound often draws comparisons to the pop sensibilities of Howie Day and John Mayer, is fresh off an extensive fall college tour in which he visited over twenty five campuses throughout the Northeast. Jeff's studio debut, Signals, was recorded in Nashville and released in September of 2009 to widespread acclaim including licensing deals from MTV shows such as The Hills and The Real World.


Haunted Hacienda is the self-proclaimed “craziest punk band you know.” With Brendon Bulletts doing vocals, Johnny V playing the guitar and Justin Levy on drums you know punk madness will ensue. Come see them at Uncle Mike’s in TriBeCa on Friday. You’ll be in good company! 

We need your help to raise $100,000 in four nights to help the victims of Haiti's catastrophic earthquake. No country in the Western Hemisphere has been battered more than Haiti in the last 500 years—the nearly complete annihilation of its native population over two decades, a brutal slave regime, ongoing foreign military interventions over hundreds of years, brutal dictatorships supported by western powers, blockades of aid and more recently, devastating natural disasters from hurricanes to this latest earthquake.


“Take The Winter Blues Away” with Café Society's Friday night jazz series. Featuring the Alex Levin Trio, the Downtown Community Center hosts live jazz every Friday through the end of March. It’ll be a entertaining way to meet more of your downtown community. And if there is one thing you can trust us on, it’s that the downtown community is definitely also entertaining. So go see some Friday night jazz. It will be entertainment to the nines!!


Shemspeed presents the opening night of its annual Sephardic Music Festival with a lineup showcasing some of the top female talents in modern Jewish music.

With Noa Lembersky as the firey redhead at front stage center, she provided a captivating jazz vocal treatment of Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” (the band’s current single off their Besides EP) which included a bright trumpet solo by the tall, dreadlocked Urijah.  Adding to the electic image of the group was the band’s frontman Jonathan Dagan who—dressed in khakis and a sweater vest—provided an energy all his own with vocals, electric guitar and turntables mixed in the various songs...

Be a god.  Be a hero.  Attend Flavorpill’s Halloween 2009 to  watch live performances by The Very Best, Stretch Armstrong, Bajah + The Dry Eye Crew and more...

"Based in Brooklyn, J.Viewz is a multi-genre, multi-media music project with revolving band members. Electronic-music producer Jonathan Dagan (from Tel Aviv, Israel) first formed the group in 2002, and has since produced two albums under J.Viewz: Muse Breaks (2005) and The Besides EP (2008).


The SoHo Journal had the pleasure to attend The Shells album release party, and we were blown away.  The fierce female trio who define themselves as "cosmo country" won an MTV nomination for the Best Breakout Artists in New York City— a nod that is well deserved.  


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