Shemspeed presents the opening night of its annual Sephardic Music Festival with a lineup showcasing some of the top female talents in modern Jewish music.

With Noa Lembersky as the firey redhead at front stage center, she provided a captivating jazz vocal treatment of Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” (the band’s current single off their Besides EP) which included a bright trumpet solo by the tall, dreadlocked Urijah.  Adding to the electic image of the group was the band’s frontman Jonathan Dagan who—dressed in khakis and a sweater vest—provided an energy all his own with vocals, electric guitar and turntables mixed in the various songs...

Be a god.  Be a hero.  Attend Flavorpill’s Halloween 2009 to  watch live performances by The Very Best, Stretch Armstrong, Bajah + The Dry Eye Crew and more...

"Based in Brooklyn, J.Viewz is a multi-genre, multi-media music project with revolving band members. Electronic-music producer Jonathan Dagan (from Tel Aviv, Israel) first formed the group in 2002, and has since produced two albums under J.Viewz: Muse Breaks (2005) and The Besides EP (2008).


The SoHo Journal had the pleasure to attend The Shells album release party, and we were blown away.  The fierce female trio who define themselves as "cosmo country" won an MTV nomination for the Best Breakout Artists in New York City— a nod that is well deserved.  


3rd Ward is one of our favorite companies for its bottom line commitment to support the arts. This miracle of an organization seems to understand how difficult it is to be a young artist in a big city and offers encouragement and, more so, opportunity. 

Educator Yetta Kurland has an important message about music in our schools!


Yeasayer is one of our favorite New York bands in recent years.  Coming onto the scene in 2007 with popular tracks such as "Sunrise" and "2080", their self styled “Middle Eastern-psych-snap-gospel" is experimental to say the least.  Their musical mixture of unrelated sounds somehow comes together into a harmonious tye-dye of beautiful tunes.  Producing true blue experimental world music is hard (it’s even hard to write) but the Brooklyn-based band has done it well.

Music and moving images, in a better world, would be like chocolate and peanut butter: an immensely satisfying no-brainer. Yet anyone who has seen what passes for music videos these days (VH1 still plays them weekday mornings) could tell you that they're more like too much sugar in burnt coffee: lots of unhealthy distraction from a main ingredient that isn't even worth consuming.

Fortunately, not everyone is trying to be the next Hype Williams.

This Saturday bring your little ones to the Early Stages Storytelling Benefit.  Activities include face painting, storytelling and music, and raffle prizes.  All proceeds will go to the Early Stages Organization.

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