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The artistry of the performers and filmmakers will live on to enrich our lives for decades to come. The jewelry will be returned to their Fifth and Madison Avenue shops...and the gowns? Who knows. On some level this opulent display is a gift to us... the rapt, admiring audience. Taken another way, it is an irresponsible, narcissistic diversion from the confounding issues of life on Earth.

Forget about life being like a box of chocolates! It’s the indefatigable Scott Siegel’s Broadway by the Year franchise that is full of tasty bonbons: classic Broadway numbers performed by extraordinary singers and dancers. Rather than focusing on just one year as usual, Siegel is presenting four programs covering 100 years of musical theater history, a marathon of songs given amazing interpretations by leading ladies and men. The first program took us from 1915 to 1939, heady years in the history of musical theater.

Extending this philosophical theorem to my love for chocolate, I happily gave in to my cravings. As it happens, I'm a firm believer that the only thing for which moderation is appropriate is moderation itself! To whit … if I purchased a bar with the best intentions of having it last a week, the best I could do was two days... and often, I couldn't even manage that!

The Art of Intelligence is part of our ongoing series committed to providing a venue for the creative talents among our Intelligence professionals who work to make our lives safer— and, whose families are often in need of assistance. "Rainy Street" is a poem by U.S. Army Intelligence Officer John W. Davis, from his most recent compelation Rainy Street Stories.

Although Bronx Bombers, about a particularly stressful period in the team’s history, isn’t an impeccably constructed comedy/drama, the show unapologetically hits the sentimental underpinnings that preoccupy macho sports guys and yet still shows that unalloyed machismo that is their public face.

And though this seems like a worthy cause, I have to battle being viewed as a weird, inappropriate exhibitionist. Thankfully, I am winning the battle, for myself and women all over the world. I urge you to follow in my footsteps and be inappropriate. Get out there and teach society to honor, respect and LEARN FROM courageous people who swim against the tide.

I often write about products that should be avoided. Mostly, it's been because they are riddled with chemicals, additives, hormones, pesticides, preservatives. But lately something much more horrible has entered our food supply... GMOs! This stands for genetically modified organisms.

Every year we make New Year's resolutions that we often don't keep. I’ve spent most of my life giving advice to people on how to be super-healthy and not overweight. But since many times my counsel went unheeded,  I’m trying the opposite for 2014!

This has probably been going on for a very long time, but I only just became obsessed and incensed with the frequency with which it appears.
Years ago, if people referred to me as sexy, it was flattering. For me, as a woman past 50, being tagged with that word felt great. Like I was being acknowledged for some outstanding achievement. 


The Art Mob is playing it straight (sort of). Buster Keaton straight.  Bob Newhart straight. The sly word, the hidden jab, the slightly raised eyebrow. Combine that with their penchant for doing music by folks who are long dead. Oh, and add the occasional Tin Pan Alley tune to the mix. Deadpan. Tin Pan Alley. Deadpan Alley. Get it? Come hear the Art Mob on Saturday, December 7th, an uncommon a cappella chorus of 17-ish intrepid singers. They will wow you with their patented mix of offbeat, witty, and occasionally heart-rending Victorian parlor songs, Sacred Harp hymns, and radio gospel, with some jazz, country, and new music mixed in.