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I dream... the bus arrives at my stop every night, emerging through rain and fog.
Each time I enter, they are all there. Every one. Always.
They sit quietly on either side of the aisle as I pass.
Their eyes look only at me, each in its own way.

Major: “Regrettable, Herr Altmann, regrettable. I’m afraid they just don’t understand.”

Altmann: “No, they don’t. How could they. They were never soldiers like we were.”

Major: “Certain accommodations always had to be made.”

Scene: A Testifier seated at a large wooden table before a microphone. He gives testimony to a formal hearing.

Testifier: Yes Senator, that is correct. The United States Army Intelligence helped certain Nazi officers at the end of the war.

As part of our “Art of Intelligence” series we have been collecting poems, prose, art and more from former and current intelligence officers. The following poems are written by John W. Davis, an Intelligence Officer with the US Army.

Few know how to deal with another's sorrow. On a long ago Autumn day, not unlike any other brisk day in late 1983, I received a call. My caller said a close mutual friend, Kevin, was believed killed in a shocking bombing in southern Beirut, Lebanon. Kevin was a Marine slain by a suicide bomber who drove a non-descript truck laden with the equivalent of six tons of explosives. Upon detonation, the Marines' quarters collapsed in a cloud of acrid smoke, fire, and mammoth blocks of rubble. 241 Marines died that day and many, many more were critically wounded, sent to hospitals across the region.

Back by popular demand for a third season, the visually stunning, lushly designed Steampunk Haunted House returns and takes audiences into the darker, more terrifying aspects of Lewis Carroll's classic stories. In this immersive experience, audience members are admitted in small groups, suddenly separated, and thrust into a beautiful and terrifying dreamscape of neo-Victorian elegance and phantasmagoric clockwork horrors.

Source of Visions and Rosa Gonzales have partnered to create an exhibition that brings awareness to the many challenges faced by some who are confronted and dealing with addictions.  The Haunted Gallery of Addiction focuses on the impact of addiction to the family, the addict and other relationships. 

The election of Republican Robert Turner to Congress is significant for several reasons. One is that the result will be widely perceived as a rebuke to President Obama and the Democratic Party, which it is. For some, the issue was jobs and the economy. For others, the administration's hostility to Israel is an important issue, which affected Catholic voters as well as Jews.

"half awake, half asleep by Maki Kaoru explores perceptual responses to nature. This work presents layers of abstracted, ephemeral images of blossoms, rays of light, and leaves that interact with the surrounding natural elements of LentSpace, drawing attention to the public space."

We will all reflect upon the horrors of 9/11. Who cannot see this monumental Shakespearean tragedy for the drama, human sorrow, and murderous evil it revealed? Perhaps a quiet reflection on a similar time, some years ago, may help us understand this in some perspective.