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Do you find that title intriguing? Frankly, the whole phenomenon of being publicized as an internationally-recognized Cougar is shocking for me. For years, no matter how hard I tried to appear on TV to share my life mission to transform aging, I couldn't make any headway.

. . . Time (2011)
I do not know
If I have the time
To convey the meaning
Of every beat of my heart
The whisper of my soul
Nor the fire of my spirit

The Art of Intelligence is part of our ongoing series committed to providing a venue for the creative talents among our Intelligence professionals who work to make our lives safer— and, whose families are often in need of assistance. You may contribute to those currently serving our country or to the families of fallen heroes at

The lime green umbrellas and tables are back, and SoHo residents have been curious as to when the gates of LentSpace (just west of Duarte Square) will be open. So far the answer is 11am - 3pm every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, with food trucks in attendance to give those tables some purpose.

CUTTING CALORIES HELPS YOU LOSE WEIGHT: Not all calories are created equal. Attention must be paid to how a food is cooked. Fried foods and foods filled with artificial ingredients may be low in calories, but since the body can't metabolize them properly, they can make, or keep you, fat. Check out my RetroAge” 4 Steps to a Younger YOU!” book to master the healthiest and most effective way to be fit and thin for life. It's available through Amazon.

With “It’s Magic: Nine Decades of Songs from Warner Bros.,” the 92Y Lyrics & Lyricists closed its 2011-2012 season in great form. Guided by a dapper and knowledgeable Rex Reed, this was one of the most satisfying of the series. Joining Reed were Christine Andreas, Polly Bergen, Jason Graae, Sue Raney and Tom Wopat, all experienced and polished singing actors.

The Queen’s Company’s is devoted to giving classical and contemporary dramatic works the all-female treatment. If their current production, Shakespeare’s "As You Like It" at Walkerspace in Tribeca, is an example of their fare, then the Company and its Artistic Director, Rebecca Patterson are providing a fresh look at these works without the usual attendant harsh political/social rhetoric. This "As You Like It" is fresh, modern, yet devoted to the Shakespeare text. There is no gender bending: the women merely play all the parts, male and female.

Sounds great, but also sounds impossible, right? Well, I can’t promise that you’ll be able to turn back actual time, but I can promise that if you're ready to put in the work, you’ll look and feel better than you ever believed possible…at every age.

Sugar addiction is similar to other addictions, but it’s a tough one to beat. For instance, with alcohol, you have no choice. You need to join a 12 Step Program, or get another form of help. In rare cases, a serious accident, or revelation can pulls a person up short, and they quit in one step!

Join the Harlem Educational Activities Fund on May 3rd for an evening of dancing and refreshments as we raise funds to help high potential, under-resourced public school students achieve college success! HEAF is a comprehensive, non-profit supplemental education and youth development organization that helps motivated students develop the intellectual curiosity, academic ability, social values, and personal resiliency they need to ensure success in school, career, and life.