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In past articles, I've been describing my glorious re-location from Manhattan to Anguilla. Yes, two islands, but that's the sole similarity. But I wasn't always a Manhattan woman. Far from it.

Halloween is soon approaching and thus it is the season of the supernatural. Explore your inner divine with The Daemon Tarot: the Forbidden Wisdom of the Infernal Dictionary (Sterling Ethos, November 2013). Author Ariana Osborne has reinterpreted the classic text Le Dictionnaire Infernal (Infernal Dictionary) for today’s audience, creating a simplified system to identify the unique strengths and specialties of the daemons.

There was a time when if you saw someone walking and talking out loud, you crossed the street. The immediate reaction was that the person was some sort of nut, talking to him/herself. Now, it's impossible to ascertain who's crazy or who's sane merely by noting whether they're talking into space or on their cell phone.

At 77, I recently re-located from Manhattan, where I spent my entire adult life, to Anguilla, the island that was to become my home. As you can imagine, there were a staggering number of steps necessary to move to a new life. But having to face all that packing paled in comparison to the fear, insecurity and doubt it engendered.

“YOU MUST HAVE BEEN....” and “AT YOUR AGE...” Without undue vanity, it would not be inappropriate for me to nod and say, “Yes, I'm beautiful!” when stopped on the street by people who wish to praise me, and often to take my picture as well.

You might remember that to be the name of a popular TV show years ago. I recall watching it with my kids when they were young, vegging out munching popcorn in front of the TV.  Fast forward four decades, and here I am, at 77, actually LIVING ON PARADISE ISLAND! How did this happen?

In May, the Department of Transportation chose Petrosino square as a docking station for its city-wide CitiBike program—effectively displacing any future art shows. Though many strongly object to its current placement, the program is generally considered popular and favored by residents. They support the alternative transportation but believe it should be moved to the roadbed where most of the bike rentals are located. On Wednesday, June 19th at 8:30am the SoHo Alliance will hold a rally to save the park.

John Davis, recently retired from Army Intelligence, provides us with the conundrum of America in the current world of terrorism and hidden wars. How do we maintain our freedoms as we change and adapt to the new realities of engagement? While he gives us some answers, he describes the choices that we must make through analogies that clearly make the decision much easier. 

Is this a question you've ever asked yourself? I have. Though I've had cherished friendships throughout my life, from time to time, one of them would betray me. Should this have set me thinking about distrusting all of them? No, it certainly shouldn't have. But I did!

As DeMaio’s inaugural solo exhibition at Sacred Gallery, I Walk The Line features over 20 monochromatic paintings and drawings, marking a departure from his former vibrant pop culture-filled canvases. By restricting his color choice to black, white and silver, DeMaio focuses on the strength of his line and detail in the worlds he creates. Using sources from anatomical drawings in Grey’s Anatomy to studies of ice cream cones, DeMaio fills these realistic figures with playful, swirling and surreal objects from skulls to clowns and crosses.