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Paul F. Tompkins has gained considerable notoriety as one of the commentators on the always-hilarious VH1 television show Best Week Ever.  On Tuesday, he will bring the hilarity to Tribeca as he hosts an evening with the writers and producers of the famed show.

Mike Doughty first came to public attention as the leader of Soul Coughing, a combo that made spastic, weird, sample-heavy rock you could dance to. Doughty’s lyrics were free-ranging; sometimes they were heart-breaking, other times they served only as a means of having fun with sound. They were one of the 90’s great alternative hopes but they got crowded out by the Creeds of the world and broke up in 2000.

Stephen Sprouse (1953-2004) was a hugely influential fashion designer who built on Warhol’s irreverent mixing of fashion, music and visual art.

Street Tribe is a show featuring the work of Kano (local boy made good) and Jesse Hernandez (Bay Area contender).

The historic nature of this election has echoes reaching every facet of our society, probably in more ways than we can understand in the present. Art has always been a reflection of society, and the spur of inspiration has rendered beautiful results.

In the ten years since it was established the Jo Strømgren Kompanihas become one of the most celebrated contemporary dance, theater and performance companies in Norway.

Pearl and the Beard is modern folk at its most graceful.

The Deitch Projects opened on 76 Grand Street in 1996, before Al Gore’s invention ‘the Internet’ exploded and iPhones re-established the technological marketplace. It was a time when politicians’ infidelities were still notable, sitcoms were profitable, and the taste of the future was indeed palpable.