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The problem: Overcrowding in lower Manhattan schools.
The solution: Create two new schools—PS 276 in Battery Park City and the Spruce Street/Beekman School.
New problem: Schools take a long time to build.
Temporary solution: Fall classes in a National Hisoric Landmark.

The issue of luxury development replacing entire neighborhoods in the city has become one of the most critical debates in post-9/11 New York, and something that we at the SoHo Journal take seriously.

It’s Friday. You could go to the bar and get trashed with your co-workers and then wake up feeling like lukewarm mud has replaced your brain, or you could visit the Open Center and see what they have to offer. They have been offering classes in nearly every aspect of self help and new age, eastern and western spiritualities for years now. Visit their site to take a look at all that they have to offer. And your brain will thank you if you skip the booze and stop by the Open Center tonight to learn more about these areas right here:

There is a lot of history in Chatham Square. Seven streets converge in the spot originally named for the Prime Minister of Great Britain right before the American Revolution.

Can’t make it to DC? Or maybe you just dislike standing in the freezing cold for hours, no matter how momentous the occasion? We hear ya. Here are three places offering local celebrations on Inauguration Day:


419 W. 13th Street

 Rhonda Liss.


While parties and fetes will have our nation’s capitol in celebrity and limousine gridlock on Tuesday, January 20, 2009, The Southampton Inn-located in the heart of the historic village-will be the setting for a jubilant, East End style Inaugural Celebration in honor of President Barack Obama and Vice-President Joseph Biden, as well as two newly elected local leaders: Town Justice Andrea Schiavoni and Town Councilwoman Sally Pope. The Southampton Inn is located at 91 Hill Street in Southampton Village.

Street Tribe is a show featuring the work of Kano (local boy made good) and Jesse Hernandez (Bay Area contender).

Immigration is a fiery topic, with limbs that reach over all facets of our society. Many people base their conclusions on misinformation, which results in unfair assumptions and wrongly allocated blame.

David Willson and Jane Guskin co-wrote “The Politics of Immigration: Questions and Answers” to address the misconceptions and specifically answer the burning questions and create a dialogue. According to David Bacon, Photojournalist and trade unionist,

The Deitch Projects opened on 76 Grand Street in 1996, before Al Gore’s invention ‘the Internet’ exploded and iPhones re-established the technological marketplace. It was a time when politicians’ infidelities were still notable, sitcoms were profitable, and the taste of the future was indeed palpable.