The 5th Annual Outsider Art in the Hamptons

This year’s showing of visionary, art singular and self-taught artists will be held as a two part Exhibition, with two opening parties. The first portion will show May 29th thru July 23rd with the opening reception Saturday June 19th from 5 to 8 pm. Featuring Live Outsider Music and Poetry Reading by Self taught artist, poet, and song writer; Phil Demise will be giving a rare musical solo performance and reading poems from his book PERIODS. The NYC gothic blues duo Lone Vein will also be performing live.

A second reception will be held Saturday July 24th, from 5 to 8 pm, with a new exhibit. This year’s exhibition includes new artists never seen on Long Island and in some cases in the USA. Mediums include works in oils, acrylics, sculpture, photography, and video, with musical, dance & poetry performances on three separate occasions over the course of the exhibit.
Additionally there will be a satellite exhibit for the month of August at the Greenport Brewery’s Gallery. The “UnHamptons North Fork Edition” of the “5th Annual Outsider Art in the Hampton’s, with a selection of art in coordination with the Westhampton’s Beach Exhibition.
These exhibitions are a collaborative effort with Three Non Profit organizations; Fountain Gallery + Pure Vision Arts from New York City + Survivors Art Foundation. A combination of internationally recognized as well as emerging artists will be displaying amazing works in this exciting genre of art.
Over 80 plus artists are exhibiting their work. The artists are from around the world including France, Russia, Netherlands, Austria, England, China and through out the United States and Long Island. The show is a unique opportunity to experience the cutting edge in Self-Taught Visionary, Folk and Outsider Art.
The 5th Annual Outsider Art in the Hamptons
First Opening Reception: Saturday June 19th from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM.
Second Opening Reception: Saturday July 24th from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM.
8 Moniebogue Lane in Westhampton Beach.
    Over 80 International Artists featured in this Exhibit include:
    LB: Fountain Gallery
    Ab the Flagman: Galerie BelAge
    Oscar Azmitia: Pure Vision Arts
    Donna Balma: Survivors Art Foundation
    Gerrie van Baren: Galerie BelAge
    Daniel Belardinelli: Galerie BelAge
    Jim Bloom: Galerie BelAge
    William Britt: Pure Vision Arts
    Ross Brodar: Survivors Art Foundation
    Francois Burland: Galerie BelAge
    Candyce Brokaw: Survivors Art Foundation
    Susan Brown: Pure Vision Arts
    Marc de Bruijn: Galerie BelAge
    Rondi Casey: Galerie BelAge
    Martin Cohen: Fountain Gallery
    Bella Christ: Survivors Art Foundation
    Victor Cristescu: Pure Vision Arts
    Howard Desnos: Galerie BelAge
    Evan Gozali: Pure Vision Arts
    Catherine Dupire
    Bonnie Fisher: Fountain Gallery
    Garance: Galerie BelAge
    Nelia Gibbs: Fountain Gallery
    Leonard Guidera: Fountain Gallery
    Kurt Haas: Galerie BelAge
    Emilie Henry: Galerie BelAge
    Gary Brent Hilsen: Fountain Gallery
    Iaseden Hovorka: Fountain Gallery
    Danielle Jacqui: Survivors Art Foundation
    Simone Johnson: Pure Vision Arts
    Sasha Kandimir: Galerie BelAge
    Barry Kahn: Pure Vision Arts
    Merecedes Kelly : Fountain Gallery
    Arthur Klein: Galerie BelAge
    Michael Kanarek: Survivors Art Foundation
    June Kosloff : Galerie BelAge
    Jaco Kranendonk : Galerie BelAge
    Ogden Jeremic (Ogi): Galerie BelAge
    Simone Johnson: Galerie BelAge
    Charles Lassiter: Galerie BelAge
    Justin Love: Galerie BelAge
    Dick Lubinsky: Fountain Gallery
    Marjorie Lutter: Galerie
     Sebastian Marbury: Galerie BelAge
    Mark May: Galerie BelAge
    Leon McCutheon: Pure Vision Arts
    Walter Mika: Pure Vision Arts
    Daniel Monrose: Pure Vision Arts
    Dominic Montiglio: Survivors Art Foundation
    Stephen Mulhauser: Pure Vision Arts
    Anthony Newton: Fountain Gallery
    Vladimir Nikolski: Fountain Gallery
    Elose Ockert: Fountain Gallery
    Sophie Orlicki: Galerie BelAge
    John Van Orsouw: Galerie BelAge
    Jessica Park: Pure Vision Arts
    Marjan van Paassen: Galerie BelAge
    Keith Pavia: Fountain Gallery
    Jeroen Pomp: Galerie BelAge
    Susan Robinson: Fountain Gallery
    Pamala Rogers: Pure Vision Arts
    Angela Rogers : Survivors Art Foundation
    Tineke Scholten: Galerie BelAge
    Cher Schaffer: Galerie BelAge
    Gabriel Scaffer: Galerie BelAge
    Gerard Sendrey: Galerie BelAge
    Matt Sesow: Survivors art Foundation
    Alison Silva: Survivors art Foundation
    Pierre Silvin: Galerie BelAge
    Alba Somoza: Pure Vision Arts
    Gail Shamchenko: Fountain Gallery
    Deborah Standard: Fountain Gallery
    Shmuel Taurog: Fountain Gallery
    Sybil Roe Thompson: Galerie BelAge
    Cynthia Lund Torroll: Survivors Art Foundation
    Jayson Valles : Galerie BelAge
    Jacques Wakeford: Galerie BelAge
    Edward Waltemate: Galerie BelAge
   Purvis Yound: Galerie BelAge
    Ronnie Wiener: Galerie BelAge