The Art of SoHo

Ken's Crowd

The crowds don’t start until some time around noon. So, it seemed like a good time to walk along West Broadway. The vendors and artists that line the sidewalks from Broome to Houston Streets used to start shortly after 8 a.m. but even at 10:00 a.m. it was certainly not crowded. Some of the artists have headed to the High Line while others have left SoHo for other parts of the country but there are still a few familiar faces. 

Jill Stasium, a West Broadway SoHo artist has been showing her work at a location near the corner of Prince Street for more than a decade and her work has evolved along with her success. She has delved further into what she describes as her Abstract Impressionism and Urban Impressionism. And, while her work is both decorative and enjoyable, it is also highly affordable. In fact, a recent rendering of The Broome Street Bar is an original piece that sells for only $600. 

If you’d like to meet Jill, she’s usually around on Sundays and can be seen along with some of her current work sometime before noon. Her website is


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