Bob Bolles Redux

 As the new condo buildings rise in SoHo, the historical perspective as to how we got here fades. Few of the swells dropping seven and even eight figure checks on the table for their new digs have much knowledge about why SoHo really is SoHo. Yes, they might know that the acronym stands for south of Houston Street, and that Warhol and Castelli were on West Broadway around the same time in the 70's, but what about the raw lofts, fixture fees and guerrilla art?

Bob Bolles wore a red bandana, worked at Ken & Bob's and did a shift at a few bars so that he could create his sculptures. He then implanted them in the triangle at Broome, Watts and West Broadway where there is now a "park." Three of his sculptures were brought back a number of years ago from Randall's Island where they had been unceremoniously discarded one day. And, they were incorporated into the vest park.

Unfortunately, there were three. Now there is one.

Few know it is there and his contribution to the arts heritage of SoHo is virtually gone. You know, the art that made SoHo what it is.



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