Convicted RAPIST Brock Turner Released After Only 3 Months

White male privilege will not stop rearing its ugly head. Brock Turner, a 19 year old former student and now (thankfully) registered sex offender, raped an unconcious woman at a college party on January 18th, 2015. He was convicted on three charges of felony sexual assualt, which holds the potential of up to 14 years, but only recieved a sentence of six months. And now, after serving only three months in the county jail, he's being released because a prison sentence would have "a severe impact" and "adverse collateral consequences" on the rapist, Brock Turner. This is all according to Judge Persky, who has a history of sentencing athletes lightly, and who was an athlete at Stanford himself. Despite the fact that he ran as tough on rape, the feelings and sensitivity of fellow athletes are apparently more important factors to consider, even when they rape people. 

          This is not meant to be an informative article. The facts of this case are all over the internet and very hard to miss. I am writing this article solely because I am so fed up with major publications referring to Turner as the "Stanford Swimmer" or "Former Stanford Student." His swim times should not have a place in any article about how he has traumatized the victim for the rest of her life, and should absolutely not have had anything to do with what his sentencing was. He has since blamed his actions (of rape) on alcohol, and the college has gone along with that by banning hard liquor. This is all in the interest of not having to deal with the real problem here, and is clearly a misogynistic evasion that is, frankly, embarrassing on the part of Stanford University.

          Rape is unacceptable and entirely the fault of the one doing the raping. Alcohol does not cause innocent young men to rape women (or vice versa). Those thoughts would have already been in their heads, fueled by the knowledge that there are no real consequences, knowledge that is reinforced by cases exactly like this one. People should not live in fear of being raped; they should instead feel safe in the idea that rapists understand that their lives will be ruined if they act on their inhumane impulses and cause often irreversible emotional and physical harm to whoever has the misfortune of being near them. Brock Turner's life was merely inconvenienced compared to what his sentencing should have been, and that is why we cannot allow him to be called a "Stanford swimmer" as opposed to what he is: a rapist.


To read the survivor's powerful letter to the court, click here:

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