BROKEN- Debut Music Video from Jared Gelman

Jared Gelman has teamed up with talented director and photographer Suni Silvan, and celebrity designer Stevie Boi for the release of Broken, Gelman’s highly-anticipated debut Music Video. The video premiered on Galore Magazine, and is now available on YouTube

The video features customized fashion from Stevie Boi, Nino Brand, and Jared’s own wardrobe, collected via months of worldwide traveling. The song’s poetic lyricism directly reflects his experiences growing up and finding his place by utilizing his skill set of pop, electronic dance, and hip-hop sounds. In the video, shot in black and white, Jared plays with the juxtaposition of his personality; Elaborating in an interview about his identity with Women’s Health Magazine, Jared states, “Sometimes, I'm in touch with my masculine side, and sometimes, I'm a bit more feminine, like my glam heroes. As a male, I feel like the gender binary is quite limiting. Life isn't black and white, and neither are people. There's so many shades in between, and it's important to be your authentic self.”

This is the first in a series of videos to be released alongside Jared’s new music. The song is available for Purchase on iTunes, and can be streamed on all major digital music retailers.

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