Does Trump Have A Point?

Do the New York City Agencies the are supposed to protect us, exist to help tenants? Or, are they merely engaged in self-perpetuation efforts, as all of their employees wait for pensions? Or, perhaps they exist to provide services to landlords?

We recently had a problem with HPD. We had no heat, there was a mold infestation, the elevators were not working, and the landlord did nothing.
But, they did help the landlord sue us, as loft dwellers, by placing violations on our place for work done 30 years ago.
While this was all going on the few parking spaces in our area were being taken away by constant film shoots permitted by the Mayor's Office. Obviously, they don't park Downtown in that office.
Is this kind of bureaucratic indifference that has given rise to the current President in a Democratically controlled political environment?
It's a good question. 
Recently, query letters were sent to the politicians who represent SoHo. Of
ALL of them, only Congressman Nadler and Senator Schumer responded. Not even a response from any of the other office holders. The current Housing Committee Chair of the City Council, for example, failed to respond to three phone calls, an e-mail, and three letters. Nothing.
The only agency that has ever responded to a letter. And, by the way, it was only ONE single letter? The 1st Precinct. Within two days, officers responded to a problem conveyed by letter to the Commanding Officer and they visited us. And, they were polite and helpful.

Just saying, folks. 

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