Eating SoHo

 Recently, more interested in knowing why there was a line on the periphery of SoHo, not even close to the once cobblestoned West Broadway thoroughfare, lines started forming around 10 a.m. on Broome Street and 6th Avenue. It seemed like an anomaly. There were no designer clothing sales like Barney's and SoHo isn't particularly known for people willing to line up for anything. Not any more. 

So, what were these people lining up for? And, who were they?
Tourists line up for a burger and a beer.  Or, so I thought.
Apparently, a recent addition to SoHo is a storefront that sells, well, Craft Burgers. Yes, this does seem a bit much. But, look, if people are willing to get in line to have one, it's got to be good, right?
There was no way to find out first hand because I only had $5 bucks on me and
there was the whole Fourth of July weekend to get through. Especially, since I had to buy crickets for the lizard. We all have to eat, after all.
But, since the proof is in the pudding, there is no doubt the the $14 dollar and up hamburger has got to be pretty tasty. 
So, I asked one of the guys who worked there about it. He was setting up at around 9:30 and there was already one middle-aged woman, alone, standing in the separate waiting pen, as distinct from the line along the front of M&M deli. She had advanced to almost GO. And, he was friendly.
"Why do people wait in line here," I asked.
"Oh," he said, "for the amazing milkshakes."
"Milkshakes? I thought this was a burger place. How much are they?"
"Well, they're $15 bucks. But, they're really good. I mean, the burgers are good
too, but it's the milkshakes that people stand in line for for up to 3 hours," he laughed.
Jesus, I thought, an egg cream in Brooklyn used to be $.10 cents and a milkshake was a quarter. Inflation is a bitch. But, I'm assured by my daughter that this is no ordinary milkshake. "They have cookies and slices of cake and stuff like that on top," she tells me.
Let me know if you get to taste one. The line was too long and with only $5 bucks in my pocket, not being a tourist, maybe I'll have to wait until food-sharing becomes stylish. Perhaps once a new IPO like Lyft or Uber age a bit.
I moved on to buy some crickets. They're cheaper.
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