Film Crews in SoHo

 With the amount of construction going on downtown it's hard to get around.

But, adding insult to injury the Film Office of the City of New York has paid no
attention at all to the number of film shoots it permits -- which jam our streets, eliminate parking and block our sidewalks.
The answer from that office has always been, "The City needs the money."
Okay. But, how many film shoots are permitted, week after week, on Park Avenue? 
If you live in SoHo and are tired of being inconvenienced for the benefit of production companies, here is some contact info:
How to reach the Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting:
By telephone: 212-489-6710
By fax: 212-307-6237
Via facebook:
Via twitter:
Send an email: Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting
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