Finding Breedlove Through His "New York City Rooftop"

Breedlove was the very first friend I made in New York when I moved here two years ago. Soon after, he started his weekly Magic Monday event at St. Jerome’s and I’ve been attending it ever since. After I first heard his song “Oh, Pierre!” I started dreaming up videos for his songs. Last May, he asked me to direct the new, Chew Fu-produced version of “New York City Rooftop” and I was so excited to move forward immediately. We shot the video over 5 different days and the experience of working with so many of our friends all throughout the city on such a big and special project could only be described as magical.

The music video for “New York City Rooftop” is a story about what Breedlove is about. His sound is a blend of multiple different genres and the people who attend his shows come from all walks of life, so I wanted to show him as an aggregator who receives inspiration and love from a wide array of sources, and can unite them in a great and unique way..

We just finished a whole new video for the remix of “New York City Rooftop,” featuring Dres, Jarobi, Bootsy Collins, and Roxy Cottontail. It’s really a whole new song and the new video continues to tell the story of the unbridled love that Breedlove shares with endlessly different audiences. It’s really been a pleasure to work with everyone on and off camera, and I am so looking forward to producing more visuals for them in the future.

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