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When the phrase “Holy Days” appears, it has a sombre quality. It elicits images of tranquil, serious contemplation – a time set aside to appreciate the gift of Life, and to clear one's soul of rancor and resentment. In direct contrast, the word, “Holiday” a clear derivative, brings forth visions of celebration, feasting ... PRESENTS!

What strikes me is that. to make this change necessitated replacing Jesus with Santa. Commercialism has replaced spirituality, with shopping and gift giving taking precedence. The lessons of gratitude, forgiveness and Peace have become incidental. The birth of Jesus, revered to be the Lord by millions around the world, has become a good reason to spend money!

The same is true for Chanukkah. What was to be a tribute to the courage of the Jewish people has evolved as an 8 day gift bonanza. Even before-meal Prayer has morphed into a “let's get this over with and eat” ritual.

And what of New Year's Eve celebrations? Good times to get drunk, cavort about like mindless idiots and be bombarded with ads promoting the youth-providing benefits of Nivea... the sponsor of the New Year's celebration in Times Square.

While I don't hold out hopes for this to change, I do wish to bring a consciousness of a truer, deeper meaning to these spiritual celebrations. May we experience them as a time set aside for gratitude and grace. A time for families and friends to cherish sharing our time on Earth together in Peace and Love.

May your holidays be blessed, and the New Year bring you Peace and Joy.

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