'Moving On,' an Art Show and Celebration of Linda Mason

One of Linda's mantras over the years has been 'Get on with it...!' Sometimes frustrating, other times motivating, brings context to this final exhibit at The Art of Beauty by Linda Mason. 'Moving On' a show and celebration to support the evolution of The Art of Beauty by Linda Mason (the direction of which, as of today, is still unclear) allowing Linda to continue her contribution to the fusion of makeup and art in the 21 Century.

2013/07 linda masonNo. 26 Grand Street, the Gallery: A Linda Mason Art Retrospective looks to the past 26 years and her relationship to the beauty of women through her work as an International Makeup Artist and self-trained Artist. Curated by Mia Grimes and Zoe Rappaport, 'Moving On' is a bold finale for her 15 years at No. 26, focusing on her brightly colored acrylic on canvas paintings interspersed with her mixed media. For all of our out of town supporters the full exhibition can be found beginning tomorrow at www.lindamasongallery.com site designed by Zoe Rappaport 2013

No. 28 Grand Street, the Workshop: A Product Retrospective launching a limited edition of Linda's kits packaged in her original vintage 80's paper astrological packaging. www.astromakeup.com (this new site will launch during the party on the 23rd) site designed by Chris Hannan 2013

The Art of Beauty by Linda Mason
Tuesday, July 23rd from 5pm to 8pm
26 and 28 Grand Street
New York, New York 10013