New York Fashion Week to SoHo: Drop Dead

Photo by Carrie Alexandra


Now that the City of New York and its fabulous Film office (they need the money) has been renting out downtown as a back lot for photo shoots, movies, fashion shows, parties, be careful how you deal with the goons watching the parking spaces. They believe they have the power of arrest.

Varick Street near Grand on a Sunday:

Car parks behind a barricade preventing access to the sidewalk where the previously applied signs have washed away. Two guys walk up the the car that has pulled in to the sidewalk.

2018/2 noparking

"You can't stay here," says the skinny white guy, standing next to a chubby black guy with an umbrella.

"Listen, what's your name?" I say.

"Jeff. And, I work for the New York Fashion Week show down in the
Verizon building."

"That's a few blocks away."

"Yeah, but we got a permit."

2018/2 permit

"Okay, but there's no one here," since it was raining and no cars except
those of the goons who made sure no one could park in front of the building I lived in."

"That don't matter. We got a permit."

"Listen, you guys have been taking our parking for an entire week. I've lived here for thirty years and for the last couple of months the fucking film office has been renting out our parking...."

"Hey, man, don't shoot the messenger."

"Listen, I only need an hour. None of your cars are here. And, my wife's going to a funeral. And, it's pouring out."

"Sorry, we have a permit."

"Well, what are you going to do call the 1st Precinct and have them
arrest me?"

"We could. Just move out of here. We have a permit."

I would have sent a letter to the Film Office. But, they never respond. They don't give a shit about SoHo or its residents. They need the money.

The line of Lexus vehicles pulled up two hours later.

They had a permit.

2018/2 uber


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