SoHo Art

 Walking around SoHo these days reminds you that the glass and steel

buildings are no longer just in Midtown. What passes for progress in this historic
district, now that no one pretends that its an Arts Community, is an exercise in
pointing out where the vacant lots used to be and how high the prices have
With condos now costing upwards of $3000 a foot the parking lots are
disappearing along with the public art. In fact, even if you could find anyone who knows who Bob Bolles was or that only one of his iron sculptures remains in "Sunflower Park," would they even care that SoHo once was an arts Mecca? It's more likely that a comparison of Cafe Mochas or debates over whether anyone can find something for sale in Gourmet Garage for under $5 bucks, would keep the conversation going.
Well, anyway, as the old gives way to the new, the only creativity in SoHo these days can be found in the juxtaposition of new developments next to truly indigenous buildings.
Grab the new condos while you can. Three or four million for a small place
in the neighborhood may seem positively quaint by the time the new administration takes root in Washington -- and in New York. 
Here's one of the latest entrees in our race to be "creative."


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