SoHo Art Encore

 The sparse SoHo street art exhibits are more low-key now. Fewer artists exhibit their work than in the eighties and nineties when residents were up in arms over the crowded sidewalks. 

Among the newer faces are young people whose work is more avant garde. And, a young woman from Turkey by the name of Esin Kosoglu stood out as she displayed her work. She described her efforts as mixed media, combining illustration with photography and traditional painting. 

Esin has been showing her work for about 5 years in SoHo and posed with her art at a Spring Street location where her pieces were affixed to the fence around one of the few remaining lots that haven't yet been developed. The days of guerrilla art and experimental artists that follow the arts heritage of SoHo are mostly gone. But, you can still find some creative gems among the hearty souls who are not real estate developers in disguise.

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