Take a Walk

For those of you who mistakenly thought that SoHo was all about real estate, hold on, there's hope.

If you remember your history, SoHo became the Arts Mecca that it was starting after World War II when the area between Houston and Canal, host to printing factories and warehouses, rented spaces to those looking to create art. The huge lofts rented for a few hundred dollars a month and the artists installed bathrooms and
kitchens for convenience as they painted. What developed was a lusty market in
selling Fixture Fees and assigning commercial leases when they moved on.
Landlords and building owners realized that the artists had created a gold mine. In real estate. It wasn't long before the developers moved in.
But, what of the galleries and artists who remained in SoHo? 
Well, a few got rich on real estate even if they couldn't sell their paintings. And, SoHo witnessed the burgeoning work of Street Artists. Many of them, wanting to create great art while unable to afford space in SoHo, showed their work on West Broadway for decades. Among those talented artists, was Jill Stasium.
We encourage you, the viewer, so take a walk along West Broadway, by simply visiting her website, jillstasium.com.
She is among the best artists that SoHo still has to offer. 
Unless, you're really only looking for one of the many $3 million dollar condos that art has drawn you to SoHo for. We can't help you with that.
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