Tish James for Attorney General

For those of us in SoHo who wish to support the Tish James campaign for Attorney General, here's some good news:

Dear Friends, 

What a month. Trump's cronies are dropping like flies.  

As the next Attorney General of New York State, I want to send a strong and clear message to Washington that no one is above the law - not even the President. 

The New York State Attorney General is a strong line of defense against Donald Trump, and we must ensure that the Republicans cannot steal this important seat in November.

Can you chip in $3 or more to keep this pivotal office in the hands of a woman who is not afraid to take on Trump?

This is too important of an election to stay on the sidelines, we need everyone on the field.

I have a history of holding the powerful accountable for their actions, whether those powerful people are in the White House or the State House. Chip in $3 or more and join me in keeping this critical office in the right hands.

Thank you,


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