Vote YES on Prop 3

 Read this and Vote Yes on this Amendment: 

"On Tuesday, November 7, New York voters have the chance to improve sustainability for local communities and cherished forestlands. On this year's ballot, in addition to local and state races, there are three important ballot questions. The third question—Proposal 3 or Prop 3—will make government more efficient, communities more secure, and will protect our Adirondack and Catskill Forest Preserves.  We're urging you, our supporters, to vote YES on Prop 3. When you go to the polls, you'll find the proposals on the back of the ballot. Flip your ballot over, find Proposal 3, and vote YES [on this]  amendment to the "Forever Wild" clause of the Constitution, creating a 250-acre health and safety "land bank" for Adirondack and Catskill communities to make needed health and safety improvements, such as fixing road hazards, improving wells for drinking water, and creating bike paths.   The Nature Conservancy worked hard with others to get this measure on the ballot, and we believe that Proposal 3 appropriately balances the needs of communities with the unique and important benefits of the Forest Preserve.  
The Nature Conservancy in New York supports Proposal 3 and is asking all of our members, trustees and supporters in the state to remember to flip your ballot and VOTE YES on Election Day, November 7!"

With thanks to Kathleen Treat for the alter

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