Wine & Dissonance | Steve Nishimoto

 Wine & Dissonance | Steve Nishimoto

May 5 - 19, 2017

55 Broadway
New York, NY
(between Morris Street and Exchange Alley)
Generously donated by Harbor Group Management Company

Nearest Trains: 4, 5, R

Opening Reception: Friday, May 56-11pm

Open Hours: Tuesday - Saturday1 - 6pm
On view 24/7, through window.

Steve Nishimoto's Wine & Dissonance focuses on the complexities of interior realms--wine and conversation being two core components of the action/narration microcosm which occurs in the domestic setting. His featured large-scale canvases incorporate tropes of expressive mannerism and architectural modularity. Following a rigid palette of sober tones, primarily dominated by the use of an earthy commercial interior wall paint styled as “Golden Meadow,” Nishimoto interjects and disturbs the seemingly functional aspect of pictorial planes with annotative traces and marks akin to those mechanisms used to represent "language in action" (e.g. an exchange between different parties brought together within a complacent setting). Similar to relationship a transcription has with a conversation or a snapshot with a photographic device, in Nishimoto's work, the sensual nature of the canvas is problematized by a reflective overtone of a documental recording of a specific time and place.

It is no coincidence that Nishimoto’s painting practice has run parallel to a long standing analog photography practice. This intimate relationship with photography also attests to Nishimoto's intent to create canvases that fixate and appraise the lived reality of fleeting circumstances of the present to be brandished in future memories.

About the Artist
Born in Chicago, IL, Steve Nishimoto is a 4th generation American Japanese artist who received his BFA from the American Academy of Art in 2004. He has presented solo exhibitions at Pablo’s Birthday in the LES of New York, and in Brooklyn. His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally in group exhibitions including LARM Galleri in Copenhagen, Fifi Projects in Mexico and more.

Nishimoto has published a limited-edition artist book that is carried at Dashwood Books. To see more of Nishimoto's work, visit his site:

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