In an effort to leave a smaller carbon footprint, release information more efficiently and in response to budget cuts (of course) Brooklyn Community Board 6 is releasing an e-newsletter entitled “The Sixth Sense.”


Below is the premiere edition: 

Giving Credit Where It's Due
The concept for a newsletter and, indeed, the title "The Sixth Sense" are by no means original. From 1985 through 1988, with guidance from then-District Manager Robert Acito while under the tenures of Selma Abramowitz, Louise Finney and Jerry Armer, former CB6 Chairpersons, a hard copy version of the newsletter, "The Sixth Sense" was produced by the incredibly talented team of Bob, Selma (editor) and Beverly Gross (design). This seasonal publication spotlighted the many types of issues that came before the community board as a way of introducing, inviting and engaging the public in its ongoing work.
Sadly, Robert Acito passed away on January 25, 1993. The Carroll Park parkhouse was named for Bob, and a meditative bench was dedicated to Prospect Park in his memory. He was succeeded on February 11, 1993 by then-Assistant District Manager Craig Hammerman who became the youngest District Manager citywide. January 8, 2010 will be Craig's 20th anniversary working for CB6.
This newsletter is dedicated to all the Bob's, Selma's, Louise's, Jerry's and Beverly's - all of the extraordinary CB6 alumni - people who cared enough to get active, stay involved, and make a difference for the sake of their community.
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Renewed for the New Year!
Here's a chance to start off your New Year on the right foot. Or footprint! Whether it's clothes you've been meaning to get rid of, your holiday tree, or that old electronic device that was just upgraded to a new one, here's a chance to do the right thing with your waste.
Second Chance Saturdays Clothing & Textile Recycling: Saturdays, 8am to 4pm, Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket;
Mulchfest 2010: Saturday & Sunday, January 9 & 10, 10am to 2pm; Chipping Sites in district include Cobble Hill Park (Clinton St. & Verandah Pl.) and Prospect Park (Prospect Park West & 3rd St.)
Drop-off Locations in district include Coffey Park (Dwight St. & Verona Pl.) and Red Hook Farm/Added Value (Columbia & Halleck Sts.);
Electronics Waste Recycling: Sunday, January 17, 10am to 4pm at Prospect Park West and 3rd Street, Brooklyn
Please participate, and help spread the word!
Muni-Meters Coming to Park Slope
The Department of Transportation has announced that over the weekend of January 9-10, 2010 they will be completing the installation of muni-meters in select portions of Park Slope. Over 40 new muni-meters will replace more than 240 single space meters currently in use. They will be installed primarily along 5th Avenue between Sackett and 3rd Streets, and on 7th Avenue between Lincoln Place and 6th Streets.
These new muni-meters will retain the parking rates currently in effect in this PARK Smart pilot area. Since May 2009, DOT and our community have been experimenting with variable parking rates as one way of addressing vehicular congestion that is endemic to the area. When the meters are in effect Monday through Saturday, the rate will continue to be $1.50/hour during the peak demand hours of 12pm to 4pm and $0.75/hour all other times.
The removal of the single space parking meters will also free up valuable sidewalk space for pedestrians, create new opportunities for the installa-tion of more racks for bicycle parking, and additional curbside vehicular parking capacity through variable spacing.
Improved B61 Bus Route to Start in January 2010
For too many years, riders from our Red Hook and Columbia Street Waterfront neighborhoods have complained about the unreliable service on the B61 bus line, which runs between Red Hook, Brooklyn and Long Island City, Queens. The current bus line is 9.7 miles long, and is often subject to severe delays as it passes through a heavily congested Downtown Brooklyn.
Beginning in January 2010, New York City Transit has announced that they will be splitting the B61 bus line into two lines - a new B61 which will run between IKEA Red Hook and Downtown Brooklyn, and a new B62 line which will run between Downtown Brooklyn and Long Island City, Queens. It is expected that this service change will improve the efficiency and convenience of the B61 bus line for our local riders.

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