The Great Wall Street Arrests

As a result of the corruption, the robo-signing scandal (phony signatures and notaries by banks) and the verified forging of documents which forced people out of their homes;

As a result of the pre-packaged paperwork which banks coerced mortgage brokers to ply upon customers in order  to create fraudulent documents, close loans to fill the securitized bond "tranches," and the creation of "liar loans" extended to borrowers which intentionally had no underwriting standards;
As a result of the CDO's (Bonds) which Wall Street created, packed with knowingly defective loans, and then sold off to villages, towns, counties and states, thereby polluting their pension accounts with toxic securities;

As a result of the ensuing economic collapse created from the defaulting loans and imploding derivatives;

As a result of the defaulting CDS's (Credit Default Swaps) which insured these fraudulent bonds that created Billions in profits and bonuses for Wall Street traders and corrupt rating agencies like Fitch, S & P, and Moody's;

And, as a result of the millions of foreclosures, millions of lost jobs, millions of student loans which are now unable to be repaid because their are no jobs;

And, as a result of the financial devastation experienced by the American people after bailing out the banks several times, banks perversely wound up with profits and bigger bonuses;

We can now report that it is not only borrowers who have been duped and criminally prosecuted, as well as bankrupted, by these criminals. Finally, at long last, the arrests and prosecutions of Wall Street have started. Yesterday, 700 people were arrested fleeing from Wall Street across the Brooklyn Bridge. 

It has not yet been determined whether the NYPD have actually apprehended the known co-conspirators such as Tim Geithner, Hank Paulson, Lloyd Blankfein, Jamie Dimon, Angelo Mozilo, Ken Lewis, Helicopter Ben Bernanke, Larry Summers, Dick Fuld, John Thain, Lou Ranieri (CDO creator), Stan O'Neal, James Cayne and James Johnson (Fannie Mae). But, we have it on good information via an anonymous source that NYPD "has the right people in custody."

Law Enforcement is finally on it and those responsible for the greatest RICO conspiracy ever committed against the American Public is finally being addressed. Department of Corrections buses and thousands of plastic bracelets were allotted to the officers who were clearly prepared to finally apprehend the very culprits who were responsible for the economic collapse.  The perpetrators were being ferried around Manhattan in the attempt to find enough jail space.


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