HATTIETUDES: Caution – Avoid Genetically Modified Foods

HATTIE (one name only) is a living example that beauty, sexuality and spirituality are enhanced with age. A fit and fabulous Senior, she is a successful Holistic Life Coach specializing in Anti-Aging, Women's Empowerment and Sexuality. For Hattie's full bio click here.

I suspect the information in this column might come as a surprise to you. The disastrous effects of GMO contamination by greedy chemical companies are just coming out of the shadows. Leave it to Monsanto to use their financial clout to cover up the danger they are inflicting on our Planet.

What are GMO's anyway? Genetically Modified Organisms are created when genes from one species, such as bacteria, viruses or human, are forced into the DNA of another crop, or even into animals to produce new traits. This relatively new technology is becoming more and more widespread as chemical companies keep creating new strains of DNA altered seeds, and forcing farmers to use them.

Genetically tinkered food is so anti-nature, it's practically science fiction! The human body is simply not designed to handle foods that are altered in this way, and the result is more sickness and pain.

Here are some of the dreadful results:

  1. Contamination of organic crop varieties with sickness-producing seeds.
  2. Development of herbicide-resistant super weeds.
  3. Human and animal organ disruption, resulting in increased cancer risk and increased rate of miscarriage and infertility.
  4. Glycophosate contamination of air and rain that poisons waterways with a genetically engineered bug-killing protein.
  5. A proliferation of new organisms found to be responsible for disease and sudden death in both plants and mammals related specifically to genetically engineered crops.

Since our government, and most food suppliers are not protecting us, our only choice is to buy USDA 100% Organic products whenever possible, (as these do not permit GM ingredients).

I often wonder why products that contain pesticides, hormones, artificial colors, flavors, additives can even be allowed to be called foods. Foods are meant to nourish us, not poison us! Since the majority of the GMO's come from processed foods, it's best to avoid them and start cooking from scratch with carefully washed fresh fruit and vegetables, or organically grown foods whenever possible.

And, let's face it, packaged stuff doesn't taste nearly as delicious as those prepared from loving hands. Your body and taste buds will thank you!