Senators Squadron and Huntley Release Committee on Cities Report to Help Revitalize Local Businesses

New York, NY—The State Senate Committee on Cities—as part of its effort to support small, locally-owned businesses and promote retail diversity—released its “New York Retail: Serving the Public” report. Spearheaded by State Senator Daniel Squadron, the former Committee Chairman, and State Senator Shirley L. Huntley (D-Jamaica), the current Committee Chairwoman, the Report seeks to help local retailers address challenges they face in running a small business in New York, such as competition from “big box” retailers and high commercial rent.

The Report is a result of the Committee’s public hearing last September on retail diversity and neighborhood health, where members of the community and state-wide officials testified about the challenges of supporting diverse retail. The hearing allowed the Committee to gather input on ways to better serve small businesses and preserve and revitalize retail diversity in communities across the state.
The Report made the following recommendations, amongst others:
• Help small business owners learn about and take advantage of existing programs and resources that assist local retailers. 
• Establish a relocation and assistance fund for small businesses that are displaced by large developments. 
• Consider and adopt other cities’ successful economic policies.
• Include small local retailers in major development projects in Lower Manhattan.
• Review New York’s tax policy as it affects small businesses.
Senator Squadron said, “Local retailers are the backbone of our city’s economy – they provide consumers with choice, create jobs, and bring in important tax revenue. But even in the best of times, small business owners struggle with tax policies, high rent, and other challenges that put them at severe disadvantage. By helping small businesses during this recession and beyond, we can ensure that our communities do not lose retail diversity, an important economic and cultural element of New York.”
“Small business and especially local retail businesses, create the majority of jobs in our state,” said Senator Huntley. She emphasized that, “They are an important part of the fabric of our economy and our local communities. Anything New York can do to help them prosper will be a boon to our state economy and our citizens.”
T o download the New York Retail Report click here.


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