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Join the IFC’s annual yuletide viewing of It’s a Wonderful life playing Dec. 24th— 26th. What a New York way to enjoy a Christmas classic!

The Petty Thieves are a Tom Petty tribute band that re-interprets the legendary musician’s works with its own bluegrass flavor.


Oh, artists and your art!! You often get so attached and touchy about your works. Well here’s the chance to free yourselves. Today you can participate in ART SHRED, a group exhibition at The Winkleman Gallery, in which you can liberate yourself of original works on paper, photographs, letters and other meaningful one-of-a-kinds.  After the great shred the collection of works will be scattered on the gallery floor.  C'est la vie!


Haunted Hacienda is the self-proclaimed “craziest punk band you know.” With Brendon Bulletts doing vocals, Johnny V playing the guitar and Justin Levy on drums you know punk madness will ensue. Come see them at Uncle Mike’s in TriBeCa on Friday. You’ll be in good company! 

 The enormity of disaster in Haiti is beyond something that most of us can fully absorb. It is humbling and a means for reflection. along with Off the Mat, Into the World is proud to present 4 days of Yoga for Haiti. Come to yoga this Thursday through Sunday and all donations will go to Doctors Without Borders. Yoga helps your mind and body and will be a wonderful way to participate in the cause.

This year, make it your New Year's resolution to go green – safely and properly recycle your old electronics at our eWaste Recycling Drive, hosted with the Lower East Side Ecology Center. Bring computers, monitors, fax machines, copiers, CD/DVD/VCR players, stereo equipment, televisions, cell phones, and other unwanted electronics to Tekserve on Saturday, January 16th to be safely recycled. Click here for a complete list of acceptable items.

“What the public and the media should ask the Mayor, Commissioner Benepe and the Friends of the Highline is this:  If this is a public park, doesn’t the First Amendment, the Federal Court rulings and the laws of the City of NY, all of which exempt First Amendment protected street artists from any license or permit, mean that you cannot keep on falsely arresting artists for not having a park permit?"

What are you doing tonight?  Any plans?  Well here’s a suggestion:  Mix living with giving!   Attend Givology’s New York launch at Marquee and you’ll be taking fullest advantage of your Saturday Night.

 “Becoming Inspiration” premiers tonight at The Chair and The Maiden Gallery to what promises to be a packed house.  After all Dani Fonseca has quite the following.  Fonseca is founder of The Body of Art, an entertainment company of sorts that brings fantasies to life without sacrificing artistic and/or erotic visions.  

Manhattan District Attorney candidate Cy Vance today announced his Plan to Reduce Recidivism: Enhancing Reentry Services, a program to help those leaving incarceration find jobs, housing and essential services, aimed at significantly reducing the instances of repeat offenses.