Content posted by Ed Gold

My Fellow Tea Party Patriots:
We are on our way to taking our country back from the power-mad regime that controls Washington, now headed by Barack Hussein Obama, a white-hater who wants our beloved America to imitate the secular socialist countries in Europe.

A nightmare comes true.  Israel’s extreme right-wing government, completely self-centered, was almost certainly bound to shoot itself in the foot diplomatically, and its actions against the so-called humanitarian flotilla offering relief for Gaza’s 1.5 million Palestinians made the terrible dream come true.

President Obama, asserting, "we are a nation of law and immigrants," insists we will get a "comprehensive” immigration reform bill passed this year. It is a wish fair-minded people can support but his optimism about such passage in the near term, to coin a phrase, is like whistling in Dixie.

An early look at the U.S. Senate races will surely send a cold chill down spines at the Democratic Headquarters. In all likelihood the GOP will win Senate seats, so much so that there is a real possibility that they could actually take control of the Upper House, wiping out the current Democratic control   of 59-4l, with the Democrats counting on the two independents to support their control.

Others have dealt in depth with the Vatican cover-up of pedophilia, in an extensive number of countries including the U.S., Ireland, Belgium, Austria, the pope’s Germany and even India. The root of the Vatican problem is the concept by the hierarchy that the Vatican is a sovereign state, not subject to civil law, and that one of its most important functions is to protect its erring priests from facing the secular world. In the process, the children who were victims  of the abuse were essentially ignored.

NYU now comes before the Village community with its 25-year plan promising to give full consideration to Village traditions, building appropriateness, and local concern. The University’s drive to be the absolute center of intellectual life in a city of conspicuous intellect has alerted many. Thus Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer reminds the school’s leadership, "It's showtime!” and the City and community now demand "the full story."

It says something about the current political climate that Rick Lazio, famous for invading Hillary Clinton’s space during the 2000 U.S. Senate race, is considered the most moderate of the three Republican candidates who want to run for New York governor this year. The other two both have big mouths and solid bank accounts: Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy and upstate developer Carl Paladino. Both feel they deserve strong support from the Tea Party crowd, and both do.

A full moon shines over Texas as historic conservative forces there make a winner out of a governor who talks about the possibility of secession, reminds us of nullification, and recalls with nostalgia of a Texas as an independent republic in the 19th century.

Sadly, for those like the writer who has family in Israel, survivors of the Holocaust, recent activities by the Bibi Netanyahu government reduce the likelihood of what Israelis need and want: peace and security.  On a wide range of issues the Israeli government, in the hands of religious extremists and dreamers of a Greater Israel, appear to have taken steps that guarantee continued hostility with the Palestinians as well as with the Arab states surrounding the tiny democracy. 

We've lost about six months to a series of  health problems including  two major operations,  three serious  procedures and about  four  months in various  hospitals which have left  me  largely bed-ridden.  I have so far avoided Alzheimer’s, although the news since last June has hardly been encouraging to those who believe rational thought might gain  in popularity after  the Presidential election.