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Few activists deserve honorable mention more than former State Trooper and Private Investigator Bob Olson. His bona fides are firmly rooted in Riverhead, a Long Island Town that has seen its share of promising development ideas but little in the way of sustained financial successes. Riverhead in general and Polish Town specifically, has been Olson’s home and for several generations of his family.

Freedom of the Press, it has been said is limited to those who own one. It’s not much of a stretch to declare that robbing a bank, committing financial crimes, stealing from investors or defrauding borrowers is illegal unless you own a bank. At least, in America. Of course, there is a big difference between committing a financial crime and being prosecuted, even if it is illegal.

It’s not enough that Southampton Village Detective Lamison got a piece in the New York Post and a full article reading by Howard Stern on his show. But, since the “Millionaire” Detective with 18 properties seems to have had his share of foreclosures that begs the obvious questions about qualifying for that financial empire. Civil Service apparently pays well in the Hamptons. But, who filled out those applications? His former attorney, DA Thomas Spota, was unavailable for comment.