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An exhibition of new work by Elizabeth Glaessner, the artist’s first solo exhibition in New York City is on view through August 15th at the PPOW Gallery. Glaessner’s paintings take elements from traditional history painting and re-contextualize them in a distinctly intimate and otherworldly voice. An exploration of memory, personal history and ritual, Glaessner’s work questions the way in which we relate to and envision our past. Her most recent paintings depict a highly detailed mythology of post-human existence on earth that features anthropomorphic, gelatinous figures in familiar, yet toxic, landscapes. 

Set in the mysterious Blue Room, playwright, performer, and journalist Toni chlesinger pursues the unsolved real-life story of two artists who disappeared in 1997 from their 19th century loft near the East River on one of the oldest streets in Manhattan.

While there were incongruities under Thompson as Comptroller, he seems to be the only candidate with both credibility, experience, intelligence and broad support. His only difficulty in the last election was due to the weak-kneed support by the Democrats due ONLY to the mistaken belief that Bloomberg would be able to buy the election.

In April 2013 the non-profit Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) brought together two dozen nationally respected craft beer brewers to launch the Brewers for Clean Water Campaign, which aims to leverage the economic growth of the craft brewing sector into a powerful voice for bolstering clean water protection in the United States.

Who could have ever believed that Hattie, a dance teacher originally from Williamsburg, Brooklyn would emerge, in her 70's as a desired and desirable world-renowned role model? Certainly not me, a woman who has despised and disrespected aging for decades.

Joe Grillo presents his first American solo exhibition at downtown arts hub The Hole. The artist, known for his work in the trippy arts collective Dearraindrop, uses swaths of neon colors, cartoonish characters and a startling variety of patterns and shapes to unnerving effect. If his previous work is any indication, this latest show ought to be a full-on Day-Glo assault. 

An exhibition by Rod Craig, ‘An Englishman in New York’ will run at One Art Space from July 12th through August 2nd. Iconic landmarks such as the Brooklyn Bridge, The Guggenheim Museum and Central Park will feature strongly in the exhibition, alongside more obscure images from New York and at home in Oxfordshire, England.

A museum is nothing without a gift shop. A museum without nudes is really no fun at all. This the best of all worlds: a museum attached to a gift shop with nothing but nudes. In her inaugural exhibition at DODGEgallery, Ellen Harvey offers several strangely beautiful and hilarious explorations of the art nude that both question and exploit our fascination with depictions of our naked bodies to create an intentionally contradictory and often incoherent model of art as a form of desire.

Oh, how we love the holidays!  Celebrate the Season with family bonding and deliscous gingerbread at Taste Buds cooking classes.  Bring your kid, and work together to decorate your very own gingerbread house. And, enjoy the cheerful holiday tunes as they experience quality parent/child time. Fa la la la la....

Our favorite sex shop just ensured that your private life will get a whole lot sexier with the announcement of their upcoming events. With advice on sweet spots, positions, and tongue techniques you can’t really can’t go wrong. Check ‘em out!