In July 2009 a Federal Court ruled that Southampton Village Police Sergeant Christopher Broich could proceed with a trial against the Village of Southampton for retaliation and discrimination. This was a major victory for Sergeant Broich and his attorneys. The Southampton Press and the East Hampton Independent DID NOT cover this story at the time of the decision.

This turned out to be the summer that never happened in the Hamptons. Between the rain, cool temperatures and lowered expectations, many local businesses that do not serve alcohol suffered. Even restaurants suffered. Beaches were often empty. At times, it was actually quite pleasant not to be buzzed by Porches and Bentley’s trying to find a parking spot at Roger’s Pavilion in Westhampton Beach.

Have you been jonesing for Las Vegas, but stuck spending the summer in the seedy pits of desperation that is the Hamptons?  (That was sarcasm.)  Well anyway, you’re in luck. 

Important notices about important political events!

Every Sunday OSO of the Southhampton Inn will be throwing a brunch bash including DJ Derrick Reason, swimming pool, summertime cocktails, tapas and more.

Important notices about important political events! 


In an attempt to plug the budget gap in a deteriorating economy and keep the cash flowing the “terror level” has been raised in order to keep the citizenry docile. With no attacks by Al Qaeda, the prospect of maintaining a high alert (it requires cash, after all) becomes a little thin. Suffolk County is not exactly the first target on the mind of Bin Laden. Of course, the real 1000 lb. gorilla in this case is known as Derivatives. 

Be part of the political in-crowd.  Check out these important political events!

As the politicians and media play out their roles in the recent real estate hysteria in the Hamptons, all eyes are looking away from the mismanagement and incompetence in the face of this financial Armageddon.

Eve Ensler’s renowned compilation of monologues will greet the Latino Community of the Hamptons this Saturday in a Spanish rendition of the famed collection. The show is being performed with the hopes that the monologues’ V-Day message, a global movement to stop violence against women, will reach Latin communities in Long Island. 

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