New York City residents finally have a chance to voice their concerns on the threat natural gas drilling poses to their drinking water supply. The hearing will address the threat posed to 90% of New York City’s drinking water supply by a plan to drill for gas in the city’s upstate watershed.

It is already March and for the Hamptons’ real estate-driven economy— where the only form of financial engine pays for everything from summer rentals, to hamburgers, to newspapers— desperation has begun to set in.

Election rumors in the Town of Southampton are heating up.  Between missing money (that no one can seem to find) and the implosion underway in the economy, it will take clean hands and moral strength to pull the Hamptons through this storm.

Important notices about important political events!

OSO is the steakhouse for locals in the know.  OSO serves all three meals but I would argue dinner is the best.  Executive Chef Brian Naylor uses locally produced ingredients to deliver plates that possess equally unique and scrumptious flavor combinations.  OSO is comfortable, yet has a distinctly European flair that would suit either wine or espresso.  I suggest you order both… after desert of course. 

It is difficult for most of us to believe that we now may be looking over the precipice.  A series of Doom and Gloom pieces published here were somewhat unpleasant— but now there is the real prospect of a very serious drop brought on, perpetuated by a deflationary spiral. If you’re out of work in the Hamptons and you’ve been trying to figure out what to do next, there is no surprise about what’s out there.

As the Monty Python players famously remarked, “No one ever expects the Spanish Inquisition.” Similarly, in the Hamptons economy, which is driven by real estate, no one ever expected the kind of financial problems like those in California and Kansas. Still fewer expect the kind of dire financial problems about to hit.

The New York State Assembly passed a legislative package on Monday that will reform housing regulations to increase rent-regulated units statewide.

While much of America watched with pleasure as President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama swirled around the dance floor at one of the 10 parties they would attend that night, several hundred revelers at The Southampton Inn’s Inaugural Ball cheered with enthusiasm and rattled noisemakers. It could just as easily have been a New Year’s Eve party for all the joy this traditionally Republican town took in laying aside partisan politics and coming together in celebration of the dawning of a new era.

 Rhonda Liss.


While parties and fetes will have our nation’s capitol in celebrity and limousine gridlock on Tuesday, January 20, 2009, The Southampton Inn-located in the heart of the historic village-will be the setting for a jubilant, East End style Inaugural Celebration in honor of President Barack Obama and Vice-President Joseph Biden, as well as two newly elected local leaders: Town Justice Andrea Schiavoni and Town Councilwoman Sally Pope. The Southampton Inn is located at 91 Hill Street in Southampton Village.

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