The November 8th murder and alleged hate crime of 37 year-old Ecuadorian Marcello Lucero in Patchogue, LI, has garnered local and national review of Suffolk County policies and practices, especially regarding immigration.

We knew the Bloomberg-Quinn tandem would carry the day when a vote was scheduled before the City Council which would permit the mayor to run for a third term. Both the mayor and the speaker are proficient in counting votes.

While all recent polls indicate a 70 percent approval rate for Bloomberg, a Quinnipiac poll showed 89 percent of voters in the city calling for a public referendum on term limits.

Criticism gets increasingly vocal as opposition to Mayor Bloomberg strengthens. On Tuesday the Working Families Party delivered a petition to Councilman David Yassy to sway his undecided vote on Mayor Bloomberg’s appeal for a term extension. The WFP, officially not opposed to ending term limits as long as it goes to a public referendum, has organized a massive grassroots petition rallying support.

The wind is at the Democrats’ backs in the battle for Senate control with one big surprise in the making: Liddy Dole of North Carolina may join husband Bob in retirement.

Kay Hagan, a feisty state senator, only recently took the lead against Liddy, who had held a steady edge in September.

Hagan has rapped Dole for for being a loyal Bush follower, and for being lethargic on the Senate floor.

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Hamptons Beach police responded to smoke and signs of a fire while patrolling in Westhampton Saturday morning at about 7:30 a.m.

On Tuesday, May 13th, two busloads of tenants’ rights activists made the long trek from New York City to Albany to support the repeal of vacancy decontrol. The group showed solid fortitude as they stood with Speaker Sheldon Silver and Assembly Members to declare the passage of A. 7416 (Rosenthal, Silver), a bill designed to rescind vacancy decontrol.

Too bad the phony patriots who are preaching prejudice and waving ragged flags in front of the Seven Eleven while stealing and soiling the glorious name of the minutemen can’t bother to read more of the document that those brave rebels fought and died for.

Remember the Declaration of Independence?

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