Some call it pandering to the Real Estate Board which has already neutered Housing Preservation and Development to the extent that rent-controlled and rent-stabilized tenants cannot rely on the City to protect their rights.  Market-rate tenants have practically no rights and pay the highest rents now. Unscrupulous landlords (now all too common), for example, use the  litigation ploy to force tenants out by dragging them into court for any reason whatever, and then bankrupting tenants while necessitating the  cost of paying a lawyer AND also paying rent at the same time.

Here's a dose of reality for those of you downtown that have an interest in real estate -- for renters, buyers and sellers.

Robert Agee

An important new announcement for SoHo residents —

WHEN: Wednesday, August 8.  Doors open at 4:00 pm for refreshments and the meeting starts at 4:30.


Now that the City of New York and its fabulous Film office (they need the money) has been renting out downtown as a back lot for photo shoots, movies, fashion shows, parties, be careful how you deal with the goons watching the parking spaces. They believe they have the power of arrest.

Varick Street near Grand on a Sunday:

Car parks behind a barricade preventing access to the sidewalk where the previously applied signs have washed away. Two guys walk up the the car that has pulled in to the sidewalk.

 Be an active citizen! Join Community Board #2 meetings to have influence over the issues that affect your neighborhood. More information below:


Community activists know a thing or two. The High Line was all the rage despite community opposition, like Trump SoHo (which was supposed to be a condo-hotel) in Hudson Square, by the way. Here's an example of "I told you so" that draws lots of tourists for Chelsea, but does little for the residents. Perhaps, the City Council's recent enactment of tougher laws on landlord abuse will help our affordable housing crisis -- another issue that residents have been screaming about for years.


- Margaret Chin Faces Election Challenge
- Attend Meet & Greet Event in SoHo This Week for Challenger, Christopher Marte

Countless people have inquired how to replace our current council member, Margaret Chin, with someone more supportive of SoHo’s residents’ interests and concerns.

 Walking around SoHo these days reminds you that the glass and steel

Be an active citizen! Join Community Board #2 meetings to have influence over the issues that affect your neighborhood.

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