In a stunning defeat for the "old guard" in local politics, the Downtown Independent Democrats took an overwhelming number of key positions in yesterday's election. Jenifer Rajkumar and Paul Newell succeeded as District Leaders of the 64th District (part c), and John Scott won a hotly contested election as District Leader of the 66th District (part b) to elevate D.I.D. to a more prominent and cohesive role as Downtown's premier political club. Jean Grillo, unopposed, was reelected as well.

The law in our country requires a high standard of proof for conviction in criminal cases: to deprive a defendant of his liberty, guilt must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. For generations, this standard has protected all who come before the criminal justice system, regardless of position or power. For generations, that standard has governed our prosecution decisions in this Office.

Will our Attorney General, whose job it is to protect the public and public assets like St. Vincent’s, hold an investigation? Will our Governor, who has proven himself a leader, and who understands that if this can happen in the West Village in Manhattan it can and will happen anywhere in New York State, investigate?

Yetta Kurland compares two recent articles with differing perspectives on the closing of St. Vincent's Hospital, and the future prospects for a downtown hospital. "Two interesting stories appeared in the press this past weekend concerning health care for the people of the Lower West Side of Manhattan. One was a fantasy. The other dealt with reality." 

Please join Council member Margaret Chin to celebrate The City of WaterDay Festival at the Governor’s Island 2nd Annual Lower Manhattan Family Day, Saturday, July 16th from 10am-4pm.

With the media second-guessing Cy Vance, Jr. over a very high profile prosecution, the question becomes what is not known, as opposed to what is known about the case.

Today, Council member Margaret Chin (District-1, Manhattan), Council member Elizabeth Crowley Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, joined special guest and former FDNY fire fighter Steve Buscemi, as hundreds of Tribeca residents rallied to keep Ladder 8 – the famed Ghostbuster firehouse – open.

Council member Margaret Chin joined Council member Elizabeth Crowley, City Council Fire and Criminal Justice Chair, along with Steve Cassidy, Uniformed Firefighters Association President, All Hagen, Uniformed Fire Officers Association President, civic leaders and residents in opposition to the Mayor’s proposal to close 20 fire companies.

News broke yesterday that St. Vincent’s paid over $25 million to the people in charge of bankrupting the 160 year old institution, instead of simply using the money to run a hospital.

NYU Superblock Plans Reviewed by "The Architects Newspaper"

“How to grow good cities? The answer keeps changing….

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