Today at the steps of city hall protesters will gather to try and convince Gov. Paterson not to sign a bill (#S6873) banning sublets— a decision he is set to make in the next 24 hours. Now is your last chance to push back and demonstrate to the Governor the dire affect this would have on everyday New Yorkers!! 


New York City Council Member Margaret Chin, Borough President Scott Stringer, and State Senator Daniel Squadron sent a strongly worded letter today to Larry A. Silverstein expressing concern over the hiring of Regional Scaffolding and Hoisting Company at the 4 World Trade Center site. Despite its indictment by the Manhattan DA for manslaughter as a result of the deaths of two firefighters at the Deutsche Bank site and its attempt to hide the troubled company involved by creating a shell corporation, Silverstein recently hired the company to help install elevators in the building.


Expect sunshine and rainbows!! The annual parade began in 1970 as a political stance to the Stonewall Riots and remains just as relevant today with gay marriage, the repeal of ‘Don’t ask, Don’t tell’ and debates over LGBT rights finally holding political power.  The march of extravagance makes its way down 5th Ave beginning at 34th street at 12pm and commences at the corner of Greenwich and Christopher Sts. Equality for all!!!

The service cuts on bus and subway lines that will take effect Sunday morning have received less attention than they deserve. Apart from the usual suspects, transit buffs, local elected officials and neighborhood activists, there was no popular uprising in protest of the substantial reductions in bus routes. Nor did the mainstream media focus on what was being lost in the five boroughs.


Senator Eric Schneiderman and Assemblywoman Michelle Schimel will be joined by Mayor Michael Bloomberg, New York Mayors Against Illegal Guns, and members of the law enforcement community to urge the Senate to pass microstamping legislation (A.6468c/S.6005a). Microstamping technology is designed to allow law enforcement officials to trace firearms through cartridge casings found at crime scenes, even if the crime gun is never recovered.


Downtown Independent Democrats (DID), the oldest and largest progressive Democratic organization in lower Manhattan, tonight endorsed the below listed candidates for election in 2010. DID further passed four resolutions pertaining to St. Vincent’s Hospital, the Cordoba House, NYC Charter Revision and human trafficking.

Those of you who are buying into the recovery underway may want to re-think your plans. As has been mentioned here numerous times, there will be no recovery. We have been heading into a prolonged period of hyperdeflation, deflation or depression, depending upon whether it is you or your neighbor who is suffering the most.


The Citizens Crime Commission, the leading organization to reduce crime and improve criminal justice system in New York, has released the 100-plus page Guide to Juvenile Justice in New York City. The guide provides an overview of New York's juvenile justice system with historical context and highlights recent efforts to expand alternative programs.


Downtown Independent Democrats (DID), the oldest and largest progressive Democratic organization in lower Manhattan, held its most successful fundraiser to date this past Sunday. DID has thrown annual events since its founding almost 40 years ago in 1971.

An early look at the U.S. Senate races will surely send a cold chill down spines at the Democratic Headquarters. In all likelihood the GOP will win Senate seats, so much so that there is a real possibility that they could actually take control of the Upper House, wiping out the current Democratic control   of 59-4l, with the Democrats counting on the two independents to support their control.

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