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For those of us in SoHo who wish to support the Tish James campaign for Attorney General, here's some good news:

Dear Friends, 

What a month. Trump's cronies are dropping like flies.  

As the next Attorney General of New York State, I want to send a strong and clear message to Washington that no one is above the law - not even the President. 

An important new announcement for SoHo residents —

WHEN: Wednesday, August 8.  Doors open at 4:00 pm for refreshments and the meeting starts at 4:30.

News from A.G.: Barbara D. Underwood: 

Residents and Businesses Beware!

From The SoHo Alliance comes this warning.:

Several years ago the SoHo Alliance warned of a wheelchair-bound man whose lawyer would approach SoHo shops lacking handicap accessible ramps and threaten to sue for millions in alleged emotional damage under the Americans with Disabilities Act unless the store settled for tens of thousands of dollars.  

High-minded crusade or shakedown racket? 

The article below is a message from Democratic candidate for governor Cynthia Nixon:

Cynthia Nixon Unveils ‘Justice For All’ Platform

Cynthia calls for bold changes to dismantle mass incarceration in New York


Now that the City of New York and its fabulous Film office (they need the money) has been renting out downtown as a back lot for photo shoots, movies, fashion shows, parties, be careful how you deal with the goons watching the parking spaces. They believe they have the power of arrest.

Varick Street near Grand on a Sunday:

Car parks behind a barricade preventing access to the sidewalk where the previously applied signs have washed away. Two guys walk up the the car that has pulled in to the sidewalk.

Below is some News from The SoHo Alliance:

Do the New York City Agencies the are supposed to protect us, exist to help tenants? Or, are they merely engaged in self-perpetuation efforts, as all of their employees wait for pensions? Or, perhaps they exist to provide services to landlords?

 For Those Landlords in SoHo: Beware! 

The article below is a message from the office of Attorney General Schneiderman:


Compliments of our Mayor

We once again are a film lot in SoHo. Who's getting paid?

Please refer back to the article "Mayor's Office of Film to SoHo--Drop Dead!" to see the reoccuring use of our neighborhood for Film Shoots, Photo Shoots, and Pop-Up Shops. These film shoots have been cluttering and littering our streets. 

See Photos Below of The Most Recent Film Shoot: 

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