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In an era where art can no longer be categorized in movements (see By Eleanor Heartney’s “The Visual Arts: Blurring the Boundaries”), Ms. Aleksandra Nowak’s collection at CFM Gallery is a refreshing throwback to a classic medium and timeless temperament.


When the Museum of the Moving Image launched landmark website“The Living Room Candidate” in 2000 it was met with critical acclaim. At the time the site, which neutrally showcases historic political commercials from 1952 through 2008, was a fascinating discussion for the sophisticates lounging in bar stools on the election’s eve. But after eight years of G. W.

When I was asked by the editor to write a piece about the New York City Police Department Auxiliary Police I thought to myself, ugh, a story about more dogooder, Barney Fife wanna-be’s: booooring. But being the kind and open-minded individual that I am, I agreed to do it.


I met with Mauricio J. Marmol, who was kind enough to stop by the SJ office, drop off some materials on the Auxiliary Police and sit and talk with me for a few minutes.

Mr. Berman’s office is on the second floor of a quite remarkable building. Ernest Flagg designed the Beaux-Arts style structure in 1901. It now stands with a rustic white facade and burnt-red door, and when you walk in an elegant staircase welcomes you. It once housed the Rector for St. Marks Church but now is home to the Neighborhood Preservation Center, as well as Andrew Berman.

Well, we’ve gotten plenty of the first two from our fearless leader and benefactor, George Walker Bush. Now comes the third, but in a very different way than we’re used to.


 The push for development buy this mayor has led to the death of quite a few people this year alone. His development mania has also wasted precious government time and resources: just look at the failed 2012 Olympic bid and failed congestion-pricing plan (Bloomberg sent state legislators glossy brochures to convince them).


I’ve been in a fair number of political campaigns, particularly during the reform battles against Tammany, and each has its own character. There is always a winner, usually several losers. Some campaigns leave you euphoric, some result in pain, while others are bittersweet. Many are memorable for some special quality.

Here’s a mix of campaign experiences that have stayed with me through the years:


Clair Cavanah Talks About How She Founded Her Famous Sex Store and the Tribulations Along the Way.

This year there are a number of real races among the Democrats, which will affect SoHo in particular. Since we live in a Democratic town, the Primary is the election. November is merely a formality once the Primary battle is concluded in September.

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