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Below is an op-ed from The Washington Square Park Blog regarding the Highline, City of New York, and Violating Artist's First Amendment Rights: 


The High Line Vs. Artists

 The High Line prides itself on being one of NYC’s most important art venues. It even has a paid full-time art curator. Unfortunately, the High Line hates artists.

A current view of the state of local politics in SoHo. From the SoHo Alliance comes the opinion of Director Sean Sweeney:

 For those voters who'd like some guidance, here are some suggestions that will support 


It's the phone call that every parent dreads in this "Best of all possible worlds", that we now live in. 


 Read this and Vote Yes on this Amendment: 

This is a message from The Office of Attorney General Schneiderman regarding the oposition of President Trump's Transgender Military Ban:



 For those of you in SoHo who want to know what's going on in the surrounding

 Vance addresses the campagin contribution optics. See below:


Last night, the New York Daily News published an Op-ed by Cy Vance announcing an independent review of how his campaign handles campaign contributions. Below is an excerpt of the Op-ed with a link to the entire piece. 

 Dear SoHo, 

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