Covid Redux

New York is not the place that it was. Everyone’s leaving.”

— Donald Trump

As the helicopters flew overhead, no doubt searching for wayward protestors, West Broadway was like a walk down memory lane. Several of the restaurants were closed and gone while others were holding on, no doubt in anticipation of the second round of indoor closings due to Covid-19. A few places were showing signs of life and have constructed elaborate outdoor dining sheds. Several had heaters and dubious structures. The concept of free air flow to avoid contamination seems to have been lost in the translation. But, at least some of the businesses have managed to stay one step ahead of complete devastation.

So, like it or not, SoHo is managing to stay alive as we all wait to see whether the vaccines will work and whether the New York economy will weather this particular storm.

Meanwhile, in the Hamptons, restaurants continue to allow indoor dining at fifty percent of occupancy. The economy is doing fairly well and the real estate market is alive and functioning. Recent sales have been healthy and properties have been selling quickly. In fact, one broker reported that an oceanfront home was listed for $16 million dollars and sold in five days.

On a political front in the Hamptons, former District Attorney Thomas Spota, who was convicted last year of obstruction of justice and was described as having operated a criminal enterprise out of his office, is slated to be sentenced on March 24th. His forte was in prosecuting opponents, political rivals and journalists — using the machinery of his office as well as corrupt A.D.A’s to force pleas from people who were innocent.

So, what else is new.

Here are some current West Broadway scenes in SoHo.

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